How To Make a Bean Bag Neck Pillow

If you want relief from sore, tired shoulders, neck, and muscles, you don’t need to go out and spend a for pandora bracelet tune on therapeutic pillows. You can make a therapeutic bean bag neck pillow in a few easy steps.

Here’s what you should do.

Gather your materials. Get a pair of long and thick tube socks (hockey socks or a man’s socks would be the perfect length), p pandora bracelet referably a pair that you don’t use anymore. Just make sure that they’re clean and don’t have any holes. Then get a bowl of uncooked rice or beans. Smaller sized beans like pinto beans or navy beans will do well pandora bracelet . Just make sure that whatever you use won’t easily fall through the weave of the sock and can withstand moisture without easily going bad. You will also need some lavender or eucalyptus essential oil, a strip of V pandora bracelet elcro, a needle and thread, a funnel and a clean cylindrical container or canister.

Put the fillings inside the sock. Prop the sock first inside the cylindrical container for support. Get your funnel and start pouring the uncooked rice or dry beans in the sock through the funnel. Hold the sock with one hand for support and to prevent contents from spilling. Fill the sock with rice or beans until it’s about three quarters full. Or, you can leave at least a 2 inch allowance for the seam.

Pour in a few drops of essential oil. Five drops is enough. Lavender and eucalyptus scents are mostly used for relaxation and rejuvenation. And essential oils are very potent scents that can instantly relieve your mood and take away the stress.

Sew the seam. With a needle and enough length of thread, sew by hand the opening of the sock. Apply small, fine stitches. Fold the seam for half an inch and sew all over again.

Place the first sock into the second sock. Make sure to place it seam end first.

Attach the Velcro near the opening. Place the rough part of the Velcro on one side of the inside of the sock’s opening. Then place the other soft part of the Velcro on the opposite side. With a needle and enough length of thread, sew by hand the two parts of Velcro to make them secure. Seal the Velcro.

How to Make a Beach Bag

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A good, sturdy beach bag is a must have for a day at the beach. While countless options exist for buying a beach bag, if you’re crafty, making a beach bag to meet your unique need pandora bracelet s is easy and inexpensive. Free patterns are available online that provide instructions on making beach bags pandora bracelet from reusable shopping bags, towels, fabric, and even heavy duty plastic garbage bags. Based on its durability and waterproof qualities, making a beach bag from a shower curtain is also a great choice. Alternatively, you can use leftover shower curtain fabric instead. Fold both straps in half lengthwise and iron. Tuck the fabric from the 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) opening inside and press so that it aligns with the rest of the pocket. Repeat the process in the last hole on the same side of the bag. Attach the other strap to the back side of the beach bag in the same manner. In her years here, she has started an amazing 1365 articles and boosted over 123,000 articles, proofreading and formatting them to help get them in great shape. She’s proud of her boosting skills and records, which have made a huge impact on the quality of advic pandora bracelet e on wikiHow, and she’s started such helpful titles as How to Use Twitter. Her favorite articles on the site are those by Lewis, another editor who writes fun, informative and helpful articles about photography, including How to Take Photographs of Cars. She says she can’t imag pandora bracelet ine not writing and editing on wikiHow, and she loves the friendships she’s developed in the community. Her advice to new editors is to start out making small edits and changes, and you will find yourself hooked!

How to Make a Beach Bag from a Beach Towel

This easy beach bag made from a colorful beach towel is a fun beach craft for both kids and adults. Beach crafts are fun for the summer, especially when you can recycle old craft materials, like a beach towel, into something useful, like a beach bag!! You will need a sewing machine to make your beach craft beach towel beach bag, but the sewing is a straight line and very easy! Kids as young as 9 years old should be able to make their own beach bag from a beach towel if they can sew a straight pandora bracelet line.

To Make a Beach Bag From a Beach Towel Yo pandora bracelet u Will Need:

1 sewing machine2 GrommetsSo, the first thing you need to do when making this super easy beach bag is to determine the size you want it to be. There is a huge variance in the sizes of beach towels out there, so if you are buying a new one, then I recommend not buying one of those mammoth beach towel blankets! Go for the smaller more affordable beach towels that are usually about $7!

So, lay your smallish beach towel out flat on a table. Fold the bottom end up about 7 9 inches from the top. This is longwise.

Now, pin these sides down, but leave the top 7 inches free.

Use your sewing machine to sew these two sides together. pandora bracelet You can double stitch this for durability and strength.

Now, cut off any loose threads from your homemade beach bag.

Turn the towel inside out. Be sure to push out the corners to help it lie flat.

Now, in the top left and top right, right inside of the line you stitched you want to install your grommets.

These should be about two to three inches down into the side of the bag, right on the seam.

Now, you could also install your grommets in another way. Fold the loose flap down over the opening of the beach bag. Install a grommet in each side right on the flap. Do this a few inches in from the edge. This style will help hold the flap shut on your beach bag.

Now, cut your rope to as long as you want your beach bag handle plus about 12 inches. These extra inches will pandora bracelet leave room for tying.

Tie one end first, then sling the beach towel beach bag over your shoulder to see how you want the handle to fit.

Tie off the second knot and cut off any extra rope!

You are finished! You made a super easy beach towel beach bag in minutes.

You can recycle old towels with this method or even buy new beach towels to make your beach craft project!

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