How to Make a brown paper bag book cover

No matter what school you attend, chances are you will be required to cover your textbooks. In this tutorial, you will learn about the ultimate classic bookcover the paper bag. This video will show you, step by step, how to take an ordinary shopping bag and fold it into a protective jacket for your books.

You will need white glue, a paint brush, a ruler, scissors, medicinal gauze, self adhesive foil, a utility knife and paper. First, using a paint brush, apply the white glue to the edge of a stack of paper that you would like to bind. Press the stack of paper down with a ruler. Let the glue dry. Unfold the gauze to fit the book and cut enough to cover the spine. Coat the spine with glue and paste the gauze to it, overlapping the sides of the book. Coat the gauze with glue and pandora bracelets let it dry. Make a book cover with adhesive foil, using a ruler to place it in the appropriate position to complete the.

Learn how to wrap a textblock in this video tutorial. Wrapping the block allows you to protect the book inner pages while you are working on the outside of the book. All you need to do is use some but pandora bracelets cher paper, or any other kind of heavy duty paper you may have on hand. Lay the spine flush against one side of the paper. Open the front cover and fold the bottom sides into the book. Tape these ends together. Then, with the excess paper on the non spine portion of the book, fold those ends in and tape the tip to secure it. What you are left with are neatly wrapped pages protected from any.

This video teaches the viewer how to make a memo book with a paper bag. For this craft you will need two paper bags, memo paper, adhesive, ribbon, and scissors. To begin, you need to cut off the bottom of the bag and discard it. She explains where to make decorative edges on the bags before sewing them together or using hot glue. Fold and cre pandora bracelets ase the open end down about one third of the way. Open and then fold a little farther down to allow room for the spine of your memo book. Repeat this process on the opposite side of the bag. Next, fold the corners in on the closed side so it looks like.

Halloween is just around the corner and this spooky paper bag album you can really create a masterpiece. If you love scrap booking this project would be a blast for you. All items were b pandora bracelets ought for less than a dollar at the local dollar store and the detailing is quite manageable from intermediate to advanced scrap booking. So if you have time and patience to make this then get ready to create an album ready for any Halloween adventure. In this video you will learn how to make a spooky Halloween paper bag mini album.

How to Make a Bread Bag

20 by 17 piece of heavy duty fabric such as canvas or tickingThings to consider: Do not attempt to use a drawstring instead of the tie, it will not close tightly enough and you will have a small air hole at the t pandora bracelets op of your bag (I learnt the hard way). A tie closure means you can get it nice and tight around the neck of the bag, ensuring your bread stays fresh.

Using your iron, press down a quarter of an inch on the top of your piece of fabric, folding in to the wrong side of the fabric. Do this again with an pandora bracelets other quarter of an inch of fabric so that the raw edge is enclosed in the double fold.

Give your bag a square bottom by taking each corne pandora bracelets r, one at a time, and manipulating it so that the seam runs down vertically from the corner and you have a triangular shape. Using a ruler measure where the triangle is 4 across and draw a line here (in pencil). Stitch over the line.

Repeat for the other corner. Once you have stitched across both pandora bracelets corners this way cut off the fabric triangle about half an inch from your stitches and then zigzag the seam of the bag.

The photographs are probably easier to understand than my garbled instructions.

Turn the bag right sides out. Now you can make your tape to tie the bag closed. Take your long thin piece of fabric and press the two short edges a quarter of an inch down, with wrong sides together. Then bring the two long edges together, wrong sides together and press. Then open up and fold over each edge again into the middle crease. Once the two edges are pressed into the middle of the strip of fabric fold it in half again along your middle crease and press again. Topstitch the edges together to close the strip of fabric. You should now have a strip of fabric tape to use as the tie for the bag.

How To Make a Braided Rug from Plastic Bags

Going green is big this year, and people everywhere are trying to find new ways of reusing what they have. Making a rug out of plastic bags isn’t only creative, but it’s useful as well.

To start making a rug out of plastic bags, you begin by taking your plastic bags and cutting each one across the top and the bottom. When finished cutting the plastic bags, you should have removed the bottom and the handles.

Now take each bag and cut up one side. Each plastic bag should be in a rectangle. From each rectangle piece, cut as many one or two inch strips as you can. When cutting, make the cut going up the length of the bag, making sure they are as long as possible.

Now after cutting your plastic bags into strips, grab a few and ti pandora bracelets e them together and use the back of a chair, clipboard, or whatever means necessary to keep the strips in place while you begin to braid.

As you begin to braid and the pieces get shorter, just add more strips pandora bracelets by working them into the braid. How many strips you add to your braid can make the rug bigger or smaller. After you have accumulated several feet of braided plastic bag, all that’s left to do is form a rug out of your braid.

There are two different ways this can be done.

The first way is forming your rug in a zig zag pattern or s pattern. When forming the zig zag pattern with your braided plastic bags, at every point made, you need to tie it to the previous point, as this anchors it down. Using dental floss or clear string will work. After tying the points, which will be pandora bracelets the top and bottom parts of the rug, you can then secure the middle pieces to make the rug come together better.

The second way to form your braided rug is to form the braid into a coil. The first coil you make will be the smallest, and needs to be tied to hold that first coil. This will be your anchor for forming the rest of the rug. As you wind the braid around the first coil, stop every three to five inches and t pandora bracelets ie the braid down to the previous coil already formed, keeping the rug’s shape. Continue with the braid until you have reached the end, tying it off for your finished rug made out of plastic bags.