How to Insulate a Bag

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysInsulating a bag, whether it’s a grocery bag, canvas tote, or nylon duffel, is easy fo pandora charms r those with good basic sewing skills, a sewing machine, and a few other standard sewing tools. Fabric stores stock insulating fabric, and most offer several kinds. For this project, look for a lightweight, flexible insulating fabric that’s water resistant and has a reflective (usually silvery) side. Measure your bag before you go to the store so you’ll know how much insulating fabric you’ll need. It’s usually sold in 54 inch widths, so even 1/2 yard will go a long way.Draw a pattern with the measurements onto the paper, using a black marker. Use a ruler or yardstick as a straight edge, and use the T square to align the top and bottom so that the pattern corners are square. Cut o pandora charms ut the pattern with scissors and hold it against the front face of the bag to make sure it matches the size and shape of the bag front. Trim any areas of the paper p pandora charms > pandora charms attern that don’t match the bag front, or tape on extra lengths of paper if it is too short or narrow. Label the pattern piece and set it aside.

How To Install Your Ceiling Speakers

Have you ever wondered on how to get rid of those messy and troublesome speaker wires crowding your living room? Have your wished for the comfort brought about by a surround sound system? Ever wanted to be cool when holding parties? Look no more, for utilizing ceiling speakers is the right thing for you. They can save you a lot of space, not to mention, that they do bring aesthetics to the living room. They can fit in your ceilings comfortably without sacrificing sound quality. With the right amount of money and a little bit of initiative, you can install your very own ceiling speakers. Here’s how.

Think of where to put them. Consider first the area where you would like to install your ceiling speakers d pandora charms epending also on their primary use. It would be best to install them on the perimeter so as that the sound disperses evenly across the room. When purchasing, always bear in mind the place you would want to place your ceiling speakers to avoid miscalculations on the size and loudness of the equipment.

Gather the needed materials. After deciding on where to install your ceiling speakers, collect the needed materials for the installation process such as a ladder to help you reach the ceiling, tracing material and measuring tape, cutting equipment and screwdriver to put your speakers in place and other cleaning materials such as a feather duster and garbage bags.

Create a hole in your ceiling. After opening the box of the speakers, you would find a certain cardboard template which you could trace when making a hole in your ceiling. After mount pandora charms ing your ladder and by using a measuring tape, quantify the probable in between distance that you would want for your ceiling speakers. Make sure that the holes in your ceiling are evenly situated throughout the perimeter of the room. By means of a cutting or drilling device, cut out the traced hole. Avoid hitting any obstacles and wirings hidden above your ceiling. Carefully let the dust fall off into your trash bags.

Connect the wires. Attach the wires to the proper and corresponding terminals on the speaker. Always be careful when dealing with wires and electricity pandora charms .

Fit your speakers into the hole. Remove obstructions above the ceiling to make room for your speakers. Utilizing the manual provided, carefully install your speakers into the hole you previously made. You may need to use a screwdriver in strengthening the screws on the speaker s pandora charms o it would not fall off. Be careful not to over tighten the screws because this can lead to the cracking of your ceiling. After installation, hook your speaker up to the receiver to test if it works properly.

How to install throw over saddlebags on your motorcycle

I wrote this article specifically for Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycles it also applies other motorcycles

We sell a great line of quality bargain priced motorcycle saddlebags in various styles that fit a huge number bikes. About once a day I get an email asking about fitting the bags on a specific bike.

First Measure from the top of your pipes or chain (if the chain is unguarded), whichever is higher, to the bottom of your seat. You need 12 inches, if the dimension is any less don’t buy the bags they tommy hilfiger online are too tall. Don’t worry about the shocks. Throw overs go over the shocks.

1. Remove your seat. Most Sportster motorcycle seats are removed by unscrewing the Philips head screw located at the rear of the seat. Slide the seat forward while lifting up slightly to detach the keyhole bracket from the seat post. Then slide the seat to the rear to detach the seat tongue from the rear tank bracket. The process is the same for solo and two up seats.

2. The yoke is the part of the bags that fits under the seat. Unlace the yoke, position both bags in the location you want them to stay. Using a marker, mark where the yoke lays over any obstructing hardware and the outline of outer edge of the upper tommy hilfiger outlet yoke where it overlaps the lower wing of the yoke. Note: The saddlebags typically lay over the shocks. Some saddlebags are supplied pandora charms with an additional yoke extender to be used with extra wide bikes. This is typically not needed.

3. Lay the bags out flat, place the yoke over a piece of wood, telephone book or something similar. Line the marks up that you made in step 2. The existing holes work for the vast majority of motorcycles.

If the holes don’t line up, use an awl, ice pick or drill and make about six holes through both pieces of the yoke. Use the piece of leather strip to lace them together.

NOTE: On most motorcycles it is not necessary to make new holes. Some combination of the existing holes should fit.

4. Place the saddlebags on your bike. Reinstall the seat. Use the lower tie pandora charms downs to secure the bottom of the bags.

5. Give your bike a final safety check. Make sure the seat and saddlebags are secure and the bags cannot c pandora charms ome in contact with your wheel, spokes, belt or chain.

As always don’t stab, slice, pandora charms fold, spindle or mutilate yourself while using sharp instruments!

NOTE: I have been getting a lot of questions regarding throw over bags fitting various motorcycles. Throw overs are designed to fit your motorcycle without modifying your bike. They typically go over the shocks and in front of the signal lights. Some Harley Davidson motorcycle dealers have been telling people that throw over saddlebags bags will not fit your bike. They then try to sell you several hundred dollar , sometimes over a thousand dollar set of bags. Measure your bike and decide for yourself! Unfortunately some of these people either don’t know or are willing to lie in order to make a sale.