How to Grow Courgettes in Bags

Courgettes, better known as zucchini (Cucurbita pepo), are a member of the Cucurbita. Just like pumpkins, melons and cucumbers, only similar species cross pollinate. Native to Central America, zucchini plants are not frost tolerant they won’t survive temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but they’ll thrive in temperatures of at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Growing your own zucchini plants can save you money and eliminate any concerns regarding chemicals used on the vegetables you eat. If you lack garden space, or if you don’t have a garden, you can still grow zucchini in grow bags.

Things You’ll Need 3 inch diameter PotsStep 4 Put a heating mat under the pots to provide them with a constant temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Mist the pandora jewelry soil with a spray bottle to keep it moist during the germination period. Expect the seeds to germinate within six to 15 days. Remove the plastic wrap after germination and place the pots under grow lights. Once the plants have four true leaves, they’re ready to be transplanted. (See 4)

Step 5 Place the pots outside for about two hours per day, two weeks before transplanting the seedlings. Gradually extend the time that you leave the plants outdoors, so they can acclimate slowly.

Step 6 Fill pandora jewelry 3 to 5 gallon grow bags with potting soil in a sun filled area outside. Add water retaining crystals to the soil reduce the water evaporation rate. The zucchini plants need at least six hours of sunlight per day.

Step 7 Create a hole with a trowel that’s large enough to hold the seedling. Transplant the seedling at the same level that it was planted in the pot. Plant one seedling per grow bag.

Step 8 Soak the soil with water once a week, and allow the top soil layer to dry before watering it again. In summer, increase your watering frequency to two to three times per week. Place landscape cloth over the soil around the plants, to promote soil moisture retention.

Step 9 Apply tomato fertilizer according to packaging instructions, once a week to feed the plants. She holds a degree in journalism, a personal trainer certification and i pandora jewelry s working on her real estate salesperson license. Is organic really healthier? What exactly is organic food?The Best Time of the Day to Harvest Your VegetablesYou’ve spent most of the spring and summer waiting for your vegetables to ripen. The time has come for harvesting, but what time is the best?How to Freeze Zucchini and Use the Surplus All WinterPicking the last of the zucchini from your yard and pandora jewelry have too much? Here’s how I freeze it to save for later.

How To Grow Blueberries In Containers

Learning how to grow blueberries in containers is not as hard as you might think, it just takes knowing about a few things that blueberries like and need. Blueberries seem to be happiest in a more temperate climate with warm summers of at least three months long.

It’s important to check your zone number because there are some cold winter climates that are not friendly to blueberries. It will be much harder to grow them in those cold locations and almost impossible to grow them in containers in those places. However, with the right variety choice, some winter prep and some adaptation to how you care for them though you can likely be successful and have a good harvest as well. pandora jewelry If the plant looks good by all other criteria, and it’s just leaning over then the crooked specimen is just fine because you can plant it in your container crooked so that it ends up standing vertically. It will look perfect and not abnormal at all.

Bring your plants home and carefully remove them from their pots. You’ll see very fine “hair” roots in the same shape as the container. You’ll need to tear off the bottom most roots, this tells the plant that it’s no longer in that size pot and will help to stimulate new root growth. Be careful with the main roots as blueberry roots are very sensitive.

Plant them side by side in the large container that you have previously prepared. The soil level should be just up to the base of the crown of the plant. This is where the branches begin and “heart” of the plant is. If this area gets covered by soil you will probably kill your blueberry plant. It won’t die today or tomorrow but it will struggle to thrive and slowly die over a few months.

The tea leaves are the easiest way to help the soil become more acidic, blueberries like to have a pH of about 5.5. You don’t need chemical fertilizers for this, just use the cheapest most basic tea you ca pandora jewelry n find in the store. Tear open a few of the bags and sprinkle the leaves over the soil after you are done planting.

Then each time you water the container or as it rains the the tea will slowly soak down and be absorbed by the plants roots, they like to live in evenly moist but not ov pandora jewelry erly wet or dry soil.

I highly recommend learning how to grow blueberries in containers and adding them to your home food garden.

They are delicious and high in vitamins and other nutrients that contribute to good health. There’s nothing better than having them growing right outside your front o pandora jewelry r back door and being able to eat the chilled dewy berries each morning as you leave the house.

If you prefer raspberries, they are even easier to grow and so delicious in the month or two before the blueberries are plump and sweet.

How to Grow Basil in Containers

Container Gardening With BasilGrowing basil in pots is easy for gardeners of any skill level.

In fact, growing a pot of basil at the edge of a vegetable garden or on a sunny windowsill makes it easy and convenient for cooks to pluck a few leaves to season fresh grown tomatoes, squash, zucchini and other garden produce.

When the outdoor growing season is over, just move the basil container garden indoors and enjoy fresh herbs all winter long. Learn how to grow basil indoors in eight simple steps.

Dampen, but do not soak the soil.

Sprinkle seeds across the top of the soil, and then press them lightly into the dirt.

Cover seeds with a thin layer of dirt, and then press the soil over them firmly.

Seeds will germinate in about five to seven days.

As the seedlings form true leaves, thin the plants according to package directions.

Place the container in a sunny spot, and water at the base of the plants when soil is dry.

Pick and enjoy because the more you harvest th pandora jewelry e basil, the better it produces.

Growing basil in pots from seeds is easy and fun, as well as a great science project for kids. However, buying seedlings from a nursery is also a good option and works better for younger children who need instant gratification, or for impatient gardeners anxious for a harvest.

Simply prepare the container using steps one and two, and then water the seedling to get the root ball moist and ready for transplant. Scoop out a hole large enough to contain the root ball and position t pandora jewelry he plant carefully into the hole. Fill in around the base with soil, firming the dirt around the stem with hands. Hot soapy water and a weak bleach solution (1% bleach to one part water) works fine. Local discount and dollar stores are the perfect venue for finding cheap pots and containers for growing basil.

Basil grows well in most soils; the best growth medium is an organic soil mixture containing slow release fertilizer. Basil is not a heavy feeder, so a slow releasing food nourishes it for the entire season. Read the labels carefully, because some potting soils are not designed to be used with containers when the mixture is not moisture retentive. Make sure the pot has plenty of drainage holes, and mix a handful or two of gravel in with the soil in the bottom.

How to Grow Basil: Best VarietiesSweet basil is the most popular variety of this herb, and an excellent choice for container gardens. It averages 16 to 18 inches in height, loves the sun, and tolerates some drying of the soil. Other good varieties of basil for those who want to add a little spic pandora jewelry e to their cooking are:

Siam Queen Thai basil licorice taste

Lemon basil lemon flavor

Lime basil lime flavor

Spicy saber basil peppery, pungent overtones

One of the signature features of basil is the wide range of varieties and flavors fro pandora jewelry m which to choose. The 5 varieties listed above are just a small sample of the over 60 varieties of this aromatic herb.

Cooking With BasilUse basil leaves fresh from the pot, or freeze them for later use. If you want to substitute fresh basil as an ingredient in recipes calling for dried basil, you will need to use three times as much fresh basil.

Fresh basil is less concentrated and so you need more of it for seasoning purposes. For example, if your recipe calls for one teaspoon of dried basil, just substitute three teaspoons of finely chopped, fresh basil. Speaking of substitutions, if you love the taste of basil, you can substitute it for oregano or thyme in recipes that call for either of those herbs.

Probably the most popular (and delicious!) use for basil is in pesto, but it also makes tasty, aromatic basil butter. Try brushing some on chicken breast and then grilling them until tender and juicy. Other ideas for making unique culinary delights with fresh basil are to make basil infused oils or vinegars.

How to Grow Basil in Containers: TipsHarvest Store Your BasilHarvest the basil for use from the top down by cutting or pinching off leaves. Pinch off any flowers and tops to encourage the basil to grow in a bush shape. Use your fresh basil to flavor sauces, pestos and salads, or brew it to make an herbal tea. Use it fresh, dry it, or freeze it for future use.

Fresh: If you pick more leaves than you can use, just dampen a few paper towels and lay the leaves on top. Fold the paper towels gently over the basil, and place in a plastic storage bag. Fresh basil can be stored in the refrigerator for about two to four days.

Frozen: It pretty easy to prepare basil for freezing as you simply blanch the leaves as you would any vegetable that you are preparing for frozen storage.