How to Grow a Long

For as long as I can remember, I have loved flowing manes and tails on horses.

Watching our horses strut their stuff in the show ring is thrilling. So much expense, training, time and effort goes into show horse preparation that fussing over the tail is just another special task. A lovely tail is the horse extra crowning glory, and to me the effect is well worth the effort.

Old timers use a bag of tricks to achieve lustrous full tails but The Old Gray Mare prefers to keep it simple. True, cultivating a horse tail takes time and attention to detail. It is also important that the horse enjoys this additional fussing.

Before starting the process of developing a flowing tail on your horse, make an upfront commitment to stick with it. Devote adequate biweekly time to work with the tail. Remove it from the tail bag, air it out, braid and finish up with a clean tail bag. You will need an excellent leave in conditioner and/or spray bottle of water, three strands of ripped cloth a foot or two longer than the length of tail (or you can use bailing jute, knitting yarn, narrow ribbons) plus several tail rubber bands and a clean tail bag.

Step 1. Set aside an hour or two every two weeks. Plan on having enough time to take down your horse tail, pull the strands, fluff out the tail, wash if necessary, rebraid pandora jewelry it and put it back into a tail bag. Do not start unless you can devote adequate time for the process. Put your horse on crossties and plan on spending quality bonding time with your horse.

Step 2. Use conditioner on the tail and work it into the tail bone. Lightly moisten the tail hairs with water spray.

Step 3. Hold your horse tail in one hand and carefully pick strand by strand of hair from tailbone to end of hair length, or until the strands fall free from the other hairs. Work through all the hairs of his tail, strand by strand, until you have half of the tail separated and picked pandora jewelry out. Loosely knot the hair that is done or lightly rubber band it. Talk to your horse and occasionally pat him. Work quickly so he doesn get bored.

Step 4. Continue working through the hairs pulling the strands until you have completed your horse entire tail. Hold the tail below the tailbone and gently shake the hair out. The tail should appear fully out and fussed over. Keep the separated hairs from touching the ground or stall bedding to keep it clean and tangle free.

Step 5. Separate the fully picked out tail into 3 equal sections starting just below the tail bone. Be sure each section of hair hangs freely.

Step 6. Knot the three ribbon strands (or bailing twine or linen strands) together leaving 4 6 of ribbon/twine or linen above the knot. Use one ribbon strand with each section of tail when you start the braiding process.

Step 7. Braid the three sections, each consisting of ribbon strand and tail hairs, starting directly below t pandora jewelry he tail bone. Make the braid firm but not overly tout. Keep the braid neat, firm, and straight all the way down the tail until you have gone below the tail hairs and are braiding only ribbon. Be sure you have a pandora jewelry bout 9 to 12 of ribbon left. Secure by tieing one piece of ribbon to one other ribbon OR use a small rubber band to secure lightly I prefer the tie method. You now have a squeaky clean, braided tail with mostly every hair protected.

Step 8. Grab the bottom of the ribbon and tail and find a loop near the top of the braid and pull through. Take it down on the braid and find another spot to pull the end of the tail through again. Snug just enough to lay the braids smoothly one on the other the bottom of the braid now gets pulled through again at a different spot near the top of the braid and so on until you have used up the braid, interlooping it several times so there is no single stress point supporting the weight of the tail.

Step 9. Separate the leftover ribbon strands to one strand and two strands, tie a single knot, loop around the tail once or twice and then knot once and tie a small bow. Make sure the bow is solidly tied and will not come undone. BE CERTAIN YOU DO NOT TIE ON OR NEAR THE TAIL BONE WHICH CAN INHIBIT BLOOD FLOW!. If you have tied the tail correctly, it will be doubled up, no longer than the hocks and neatly tied.

Step 10. Slip the tail bag over the braided and doubled/tripled over tail to just below the tail bone. Thread the tie straps through a different part of the braided top and distribute weight of the tail evenly between the tie straps. Fasten securely but don overtighten.

When you initially work the tail, it should be squeaky clean from a thorough shampoo, conditioning and rinse. Once the tail is picked out and bagged, it really is unnecessary to shampoo it keep it bagged and clean separate bone hairs and monitor flaking and dirt. Only shampoo if necessary and rinse all soap out thoroughly. Then follow from Step 2.

I should emphasize that to keep the tail lush and long, from now on you should refrain from using a brush or comb on the tail. All work on tail hairs will be accomplished by picking single or several strands of hair. Detangle and fluff tail hairs, avoid breakage and prohibit unnecessary loss of individual hairs.

Remember, if you don succeed in growing out a lush tail, then there is no harm in cutting or trimming it. Right from the start, decide to work with your horse and put in the effort because the end result is your fantasy horse tail.

How to Grill Fajitas on the Stove

Fajita is a term used in both Mexican and Tex Mex cuisine, commonly referring to grilled, marinated meat that is served in tortillas, usually accompanied by grilled peppers and onions. “Fajita” can be loosely translated to “s pandora jewelry kirt” or “belt,” referring to the skirt steak that is traditionally used as a protein option. Offer your guests a tasty, healthier choice than steak by serving a fajita filling of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Preparation on an indoor grill pan is an ideal choice if you do not have access to an outdoor grill or if the weather is nasty. According to “Prevention Magazine’s Nutrition Advisor,” a 3 ounce serving of boneless, skinless c pandora jewelry hicken breast contains 138 calories, 2.97 g of fat and 25.84 g of protein. Bell peppers are a good source of vitamin C.

Step 3

Seal pandora jewelry each bag tightly tightly. Squeeze each bag gently and turn a few times to distribute the marinade. Place the bags of chicken and vegetables in the refrigerator and marinate for one hour.

Step 4

Preheat a stove top grill to high heat. Lower the heat to medium high and spray the grill with nonstick cooking spray.

Step 5

Remove the chicken from the marinade and place on the grill pan. Cook for 8 minutes, turning halfway through cooking time. The chicken is done when the juices are no longer pink. Remove the chicken and place on a large serving platter.

Step 6

Spray the stove top grill with nonstick cooking spray. Remove the peppers and onions from the marinade and place on the grill. Grill the vegetables for 7 minutes, turning once halfway through cooking time. The vegetables are done when they are tender and have grill marks.

Step 7

Place the vegetables onto a cutting board. Slice the bell peppers into strips. Slice the ends off of the onion quarters and slice into strips. Arrange the vegetables strips on the platter with the chicken.

Step 8

Serve the fajitas family style. Allow your guests to assemble the meat and vegetables on wheat tortillas with their choice of toppings i pandora jewelry ncluding low fat shredded cheese, salsa, low fat sour cream and avocado slices.

How to Go Swimming With a Colostomy Bag On

If you have been living with a colostomy for a while, you will know that colostomy patients can do virtually everything that people without one can, and a great number of patients can even do more than many people without a stoma.

The only limitation if there is any, is the patient’s limitations which he or she has set for themselves. In other words, if you are a colostomy patient, try as much as is possible not to limit yourself to certain activities that had been part of your lifestyle before your surgical procedure.

Swimming is a great way for colostomy patients to keep fit and maintain good energy levels. To swim with a colostomy bag attached is fine as long as some securing ostomy product is used, or swimwear that fits firmly around the waist/abdomen is worn.

If you are worried about discretion, there are special small colostomy bags available which are very discrete and ideal for swimming. Therefore there is no reason to think there’ll be ‘accidents’ in the pool.
pandora jewelry

There are trendy bikinis with an internal pouch that runs from the left side to the right. They are made to support colostomy pouches during swimming or sunbathing.

They are easy to use as the wearer simply angles the colostomy bag and places it inside the internal pouch so that the opening is angled in the direc pandora jewelry tion between the legs.

The benefit of this kind of swimwear is that the colostomy appliance is no longer against the skin thus reducing any sweating that can cause odour or irritation. It is also good in that it reduces visits to the bathroom as internal pouches hold the colostomy bag contents, stopping it from bulging out in an unsightly manner.

Swim, Even If You Have an Ostomy

How to Wear a Colostomy Bag When you Want to SwimPatients don’t ne pandora jewelry ed a colostomy belt to hold and protect the bag, because belts get wet so it’s good to wear colostomy bags with adhesive face plates and waterproof pouches with inner linings.

To make the bag a bit more discreet, it’s better to fit the bag horizontally across because placing the colostomy bag vertically may make the bag ‘hang’ if there is a substantial amount of faeces expelled into it whilst swimming. When placed horizontally, the swimsuits spandex will help add extra hold to the colostomy bag firmly in place.

Ostomy Accessories for Swimming . . .

Male colostomy patients that intend to swim can wear the more fitted swimming trunks underneath the boxer type swim trunks. The snug fitting trunks will hold the waterproof colostomy bag firmly in place, making it discreet.

Lady swimmers wearing colostomy bags look great in swimsuits with the skirted bottoms. They are great vintage inspired pieces, just as the swimwear with ruches.

Swimwear with heavy patterning or detailing is always good to conceal an ostomy bag as the heavy pattern takes the eye away from any noticeable bulge.

Swimming suits with a panel detail across the abdomen offers additional support for the stoma pouch.

Tying a sarong while walking on the beach or pier is a chic way of concealing a colostomy bag.

Women can swim in pretty boxer type swim shorts, with a halter or sleeveless top. Wearing swimming bottoms made of Lycra material under the shorts will hold the stoma bag firmly in position.

After swimming, it is good to replace the colostomy with the spare supply you bought along

Casual Spring Fashion for Ostomies

Colostomy Patients Swimming Duration AdviseIt is advisable not to stay in the water for more than forty five minutes. A prolonged stay in water is not the best for colostomy bag face plates.

Being in water for too long makes the edges of the faceplate (a waxy plate with adhesive) absorb water. If the plate is exposed to water long enough, the wax will start to soften and turn into a putty textured stuff.

When this happens, the faceplate starts to loosen, and will come off eventually giving room for leakages or foul odour.

Be Stylish on the Beach, Even with a ColostomyHaving a colostomy bag on shouldn’t keep stoma patients from having a great time swimming nor having fun at the beach. There was once a fashionable young lady who was a colostomy patient. She visited nude beaches with her stoma bag, wearing it discreetly covered with a beautiful purse belt.

No one ever suspected or knew she had a colostomy bag on.

Have a Good Time at the Beach with an Ostomy

There’s number of online stores for ostomites that have a fine collection of swimwear specially designed for their condition. The best types that are great for swimming are the ones that have double pandora jewelry lined front panel to give the wearer a smooth outline around the abdomen. They also have an inner pouch which keeps colostomy bags firmly tucked away from the skin, giving extra comfort and self confidence.