How to Give an Enema

While, oftentimes, associated with the filthy functions of the human bowel system, the role of the enema is invaluable in a health care setting. Even though some patients or clients may cringe at the word, enemas are pandora jewelry typically given when most other interventions have failed to accomplish relief in constipation. In fact, additional components such as baking soda, mild hand soap, buffered sodium phosphate solution, and mineral oil can each aid in greater overall effectivene pandora jewelry ss of the enema. Unfortunately, while each additional component can help to make an enema more effective, mineral oil, in particular, can lead to unwelcome seepage as a result of its stool softening and lubricating properties. While this Info Barrel article will focus specifically on giving a simple water enema with mild soap, do bear in mind that other types of enemas (that do not include water, like a milk and molasses enema) also exist, may be used in special situations, and may also carry with them special considerations for usage and administration.

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Whether you will be self administering your own enema, or you will administering one to your patient, it is important to remember that what you will be doing is an invasive nursing procedure and can carry with it complications. Knowing a patient’s medical history, current physical state, and tolerance of past enemas, will be critical in anticipating any potential complications of the enema that you will be administering. Stimulation of the vagus nerve, by the enema tube and solution, could always occur and lead to this bradycardia. Rather than have to run back to the supply room (or store) to retrieve something you may have forgotten, ensuring that you have all the right equipment can save you time, as well pandora jewelry as, not cause any undue inconvenience to your patient. In this article step, not only should you ensure that you have the right equipment, b pandora jewelry ut you should also ensure that your equipment is operational and functional. While having a door closed or a drape pulled may not particularly bother some patients, doing this should become second nature regardless of who the patient is. Because of its ability to dilate (widen, and increase blood flow) of your blood vessels, warm water is generally used and is preferable to cold water or scolding hot water. Rarely will you ever see those two temperature extremes of water being used for an enema administration. Even though you can use just a plain warm water solution as an enema, you can certainly increase the mechanical bowel stimulating effects of your enema by including baking soda or mild hand soap. Dependent upon how much volume your enema bag actually holds will determine just how much of the water part of your enema you will include. Unfortunately, immobile or physically compromised patients may find it particularly difficult to achieve this position on their own. Do not apply the lubricant directly to the patient’s rectum prior to insertion of the enema tubing. The lubricant should be in direct contact with the enema tubing prior to being administered. Too little advancement of the enema tubing tip will prove to not be beneficial as the solution seeps out because it is not instilled far enough into the patient’s rectum. In order to minimize discomfort and cramping, the patient should be instructed to breath deeply and slowly through the mouth. Nose breathing should be minimized. Step 8

Dependent upon how you hold the enema bag will determine how quickly or slowly the solution flows because of the natural effect of gravity. If you hold the enema bag high, the enema solution will flow quickly, and the inverse is true: the enema solution may not flow at all if held very low. If a patient complains of discomfort or cramps, be sure to lower the enema bag (in order to decrease the flow of the solution). While an intense urge to evacuate the bowels may exist, the nurse or caregiver should encourage the patient to try to hold the solution in for at least 3 5 minutes in order to maximize their benefit from the enema. When withdrawing the enema tubing, gradual seepage may occur either subtly or sporadically, especially if accompanied by flatulence.

How to Give an Enema With an Enema Bag

Enemas help to irrigate the rectum and colon and improve health and vitality. According to Kristina Am pandora jewelry elong, a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist at Optimum Health Network, a good enema program involves infusing filtered water into the colon to stimulate peristalsis and expel waste. Enema bags are essential for supplying sufficient quantity of wa pandora jewelry pandora jewelry ter to clean beyond the rectum and reach the descending and traverse colon. Enema bags come in different sizes ranging from 1 quart to over 4 quarts and can be purchased from various online vendors.

Step 4

Fill the enema bag with filtered water. Adjust the temperature to your liking. Do pandora jewelry not use hot water as it may burn the tissues in the rectum and colon.

Step 5

Connect the hook to the enema bag and hang it from the IV stand.

Step 6

Lubricate the enema nozzle and lie on your back or left side or get in a knee chest position, whichever is most comfortable. Internal Cleansing Systems, a company that sells enema supplies, recommends the Sims position, which involves lying on the left side with the right knee near the chest.

Step 7

Insert the nozzle into your rectum and loosen the clamp to allow water to flow in. Tighten the clamp if you experience cramps; loosen the clamp when you feel comfortable to resume letting the water flow. According to Donald J.

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