How to Make a Kids’ Bean Bag Game

Lost Pet Found Alive After 30 Years

Back in 1982, the Almeida family was having their home renovated in Realgo, Brazil. One day, their pet tortoise Manuela disappeared and the Almeida pandora bracelets ‘s assumed she had escaped. Well, 32 years later, the Almeida’s were cleaning out an upstairs storage room where their father had literally been hoarding a ton of old furniture and broken electronic equipment, and found Manuela alive and well. Want to join the conversation? Tweet us using the hashtag TortoiseHoarder.

According to State Police Spokeswoman Sgt. Michelle Anaya, a Honda Accord was traveling wesbound on I 64 at the Twin Bridges and when the driver made a sudden lane change to avoid traffic. Upon making the move, the driver, John S. Brown III, sideswiped a Toyota 4Runner.

The 4Runner then flipped over th pandora bracelets e median and into the ravine, Anaya said.

The car landed in the backyard view of Johnny and Pam Tripp. Pam told 13News Now she was cooking dinner when she saw the car flip over the side of the bridge and land in the water.

Anaya says the driver was transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.

Brown has been charged with unsafe lane change.

The westbound left lane remains shut down as crews work to pandora bracelets remove the vehicle from the water.

Live traffic camera

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Family celebrates Mother’s Day with a home saved by Yahoo readers Boy Scouts rescue Ann Curry after TV journalist is hurt on hiking trail Support continues to grow for BringBackOurGirls campaign Benghazi hearing puts Democrats in a tough spot Son Travels 4,000 Miles to Tell Mother He and His Wife Are Expecting in New Film Shot on Google Glas ‘Frozen’ Re Edited as a Horror Film Is Almost Too Perfect Photo of pandora bracelets ‘firenado’ sets the Web ablaze Crisis in Nigeria: BringBackOurGirls A risky counterterrorism mission in Nigeria Other than giving vast sums of money

How to Make a keyboard bag

Whitney shows a quick way to make a bag out of t shirt sleeves. This bag has so many household uses and is easy to make. You need a sleeve, safety pins, scissors, pandora bracelets scrap fabric, pins, thread, an iron, and a ruler. Start by cutting a 1 inch wide strip of fabric and any design you like. You can make the bag as large as you like. Cut your rectangle using the ruler. Position your design to the fold. Sew around the design you choose, refold your rectangle and pin. Sew along those two lines. Turning inside out, iron your bag. Feed your string through the side that you cut using a safety pin.

Tank tops are relatively cheap, and cutesy bags can be expensive from designer shops and street vendors, so your only solution for saving money is using your tanks for homemade bags. See how to transform a tank top into a magazine bag in this video from GiannyL.

This DIY closet hack is simple and easy pandora bracelets , and the homemade magazine bag is great for any situation, with minimal sewing skills required. This cure book bag is the perfect caddy for your favorite magus, bits, and trinkets.

Carry around your favorite magazine or crafts using this tutorial. You don even need to buy fabric or a pattern.

In order to make an ombre style custom beach bag, you will need the following: a canvas tote bag, dye, gloves, a paper place, sponge brush, stencils, fabric paint, containers, white vinegar, and water.

Fill a container with hot water. Allow the tote to soak in the dye for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Mix up the dye, according to the instructions on the bottle, except add 1/2 cup of vinegar. Put on your gloves. Make sure that you are using a protected surface. Dip the bottom of your tote in the dye, until is as dark as you want it. Then, rinse it. Allow it to dry.

This video from “Whitney sews on a budget” shows how to make a Valentine Day purse or gift bag using a bandana. Begin by folding the bandana pandora bracelets in half on the diagonal with the right sides together. Cut it into the shape you would like your bag to be. Pin the pieces together and sew along three sides and turn right side out. Clip out notches from each pandora bracelets side so that there will be openings on each side of the casing that you are about to make. Fold the top down about an inch and iron, then fold down again and iron again. Sew across each side to form a casing. Thread two ribbons through the casing.

How to Make a Jelly Bag

Tie the cloth to s pandora bracelets omething appropriate to have it dangling. One good choice is to use the legs or an upturned chair or stool. Tie the edges of the cloth to the legs and leave enough slack for the cloth to dip downwards. Place the basin under this cloth and tip the fruit into the suspended cloth. Leave it to drip, double checking that the ties are strong enough. The fruit can be covered with greaseproof paper or a clean cloth to stop dust pandora bracelets or insects landing on it. She has started 33 articles and made over 3,000 edits on wikiHow, and she enjoys using the Quality Guardian and Video Adder to help improve advice around the site. The first article she ever worked on here was H pandora bracelets ow to Write a Personification Poem, and her favorite article on the site is How to Clean a Book. She loves the idea that even one small edit can improve so many people’s understanding of a topic, and she appreciates ho pandora bracelets w everyone in the community manages to take time out of their lives to help out. To new community members, she advises: Try a range of contributions and find what you enjoy most!