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How to Make a Beach Bag

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A good, sturdy beach bag is a must have for a day at the beach. While countless options exist for buying a beach bag, if you’re crafty, making a beach bag to meet your unique need pandora bracelet s is easy and inexpensive. Free patterns are available online that provide instructions on making beach bags pandora bracelet from reusable shopping bags, towels, fabric, and even heavy duty plastic garbage bags. Based on its durability and waterproof qualities, making a beach bag from a shower curtain is also a great choice. Alternatively, you can use leftover shower curtain fabric instead. Fold both straps in half lengthwise and iron. Tuck the fabric from the 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) opening inside and press so that it aligns with the rest of the pocket. Repeat the process in the last hole on the same side of the bag. Attach the other strap to the back side of the beach bag in the same manner. In her years here, she has started an amazing 1365 articles and boosted over 123,000 articles, proofreading and formatting them to help get them in great shape. She’s proud of her boosting skills and records, which have made a huge impact on the quality of advic pandora bracelet e on wikiHow, and she’s started such helpful titles as How to Use Twitter. Her favorite articles on the site are those by Lewis, another editor who writes fun, informative and helpful articles about photography, including How to Take Photographs of Cars. She says she can’t imag pandora bracelet ine not writing and editing on wikiHow, and she loves the friendships she’s developed in the community. Her advice to new editors is to start out making small edits and changes, and you will find yourself hooked!