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How To Make A Bug Out Bag

A bug out bag in essence is kit you need in the event of an emergency or collapse of civilization. It should contain only gear that you deem essential for your survival. On this page I’ll show you what you need to create your own bug out bag regardless of your budget.

Before you can put your kit anywhere you need the appropriate bag to carry it in. I recommend a backpack that you can sling over both your shoulders to free up your hands to carry other items or climb. Choose a bag that has rugged construction and comfortable shoulder straps. While the bags you can get at paces such as Wall mart are okay and pretty cheap, their material can rip easily. Instead look for military surplus stores in your area and find a bag their. A military style bag tends to use denser materials which are more resistant to wear and tear. Also avoid bright colors as these are easier to spot from a distance making you more vulnerable.

To keep your gear dry you should line the inside of your bag with a waterproof layer. You can opt for expensive bag liners, and while there good I recommend using a couple large garbage bags because their cheap and almost as effective. They also weigh nothing and weight is going to be a concern when it’s on your back all day. Also you can keep items separate by using plastic bags such as Ziploc bags to keep items easier to find in a hurry, but also provide an additional layer for water protection and protection from items such as batteries leaking onto food or vice versa.

Here are some items to consider having in your bug out bag. This is just a basic list of what I consider to be “must have’s”. Depending on where you live in the world and your budget you can add other items to the list. These items below are pretty cheap. I have all these in my bag at home; the total cost for me including the bag was just over $120 dollars.

This is the most important item for your bug out bag. These come in various sizes so choose the one that fits best for you. Remember you can also buy items you may need separately and add them to your first aid kit; one of those should be a pocket CPR mask to prevent you from contracting a contagious disease through mouth to mouth contact.

Carrying a vast amount of water is heavy, noisy, and takes up a lot of space. To save space and weight as well as keep you healthy carry water purification tablets with you in your bug out bag. They are simple to use and can last virtually forever

This can come in several different forms, and I recommend having more then one way to start a fire. Waterproof and windproof matches are always a good idea since they require no lighter fluid. A magnesium fire starter is also a great c pandora bracelets hoice, remember to use a blade such as a small saw blade rather t pandora bracelets hen a knife because this will quickly wear it out. Keep a few disposable lighters on hand because their cheap and obvio pandora bracelets usly easy to use. Another option you can use is steel wool and a battery; make sure you keep the two items separate otherwise they’ll start a fire where you don’t want it, on your back.

Rope is essential either for climbing, building a shelter, or making traps to catch animals for food. There are several different types to choose from. In my bug out bag I use three types; I keep 100 feet of nylon cord to use as general purpose rope such as tying things to the bag or setting up a shelter. 100 feet of Para cord which is used by militaries around the world for its incredible strength, and about 30 feet of heavier rope that can be used to climb short distances or can be tied to myself as an expedient repel harness or “Swiss Seat”

For a shelter you just need something simple that will keep you and the elements apart. A lightweight tarp is more then enough for an expedient shelter. You can also buy a tent, but these take time and require instructions to set up properly. A basic tarp on the other hand has the advantage of being much faster, and in an urban setting may help hide your position by blending in with surrounding wreckage and junk.

When I say spare clothes I don’t mean pack your entire wardrobe. I couple shirts; an extra pair of pants, a couple extra pairs of socks, jacket or sweater, and about a dozen pairs of socks is enough to get you by initially. Why so many socks, chances are good your primary transportation to get across the wasteland will be by foot and keeping your feet dry is essential to being able to stay mobile.

You don’t need a huge Rambo like knife; a knife with a six inch blade is just as effective as its larger counterpart. I recommend using a multi tool instead as they have other tools then a knife blade for the same amount of weight. These tools include wire strippers, pliers, screwdriver, saw, file, bottle opener and others. Think if them as a Swiss army knife on steroids.

Depending on the time of year and where you live you can opt for a sleeping bag or a lighter blanket. In either case if you can get a sleeping bag. If it’s too hot to sleep inside it, it still provides a barrier between you and the ground. If you have room carry an air mattress as well. Make sure you can blo pandora bracelets w it up manually since air pumps take up a lot of space.

Try to get either a solar powered or some kind of wind up radio, these will help keep you in touch with what’s going on in the world and where you can possibly go to find help or other survivors.

Like a radio try to find a wind up one instead of one that require batteries. This will save you space on weight plus reduce your need to search for batteries which may be hard to come by

These are what I call “essential items that every person who has a bug out bag should have. Again depending on your budget, location, and background your bug out bag may also have various other items. Because I was in the military for example my bug out bag has items you may not normally find. To learn more about how to make a bug out bag, how to pack it, check out my website The Razors Edge for othe related tips. Or posts on other topics such as basic SEO for beginners, and reviews.