pandora bracelets How to Make a Buried Witch Top

How to Make a Buried Witch Topiary

I love this time of year. The mornings are crisp, the days are shorter, and little child witches end up on my doorstep, upside down in a pile of ro pandora bracelets cks.

Oh, I just smile every time I think of it.

When I ponder on how in a few short days 100’s of tiny little plastic spiders will be crawling all over my front door, well. .

Isn’t it enough that we get to have one glorious day where our children can run amuck in our neighborhoods pillaging for candy and trinkets? Oh, I think not.

We must go the extra mile to make people scream with delight, laugh at our ingenuity, and believe in make believe.

This is the pandora bracelets stuff storybooks are made of. Where regular little girls become princesses f pandora bracelets or an entire day, little boys gain super powers of which they only dreamed, and Mom’s make potions that would bring any ordinary witch to her knees.

Come with me on my journey all month long, as I turn our abode into th pandora bracelets e Nasty little place I call home.

This week, the subject will be decorating. We’ll call it HOUSE UGLY, OR Worse Homes and Mortuaries. Click back everyday this week for a new Halloween Decorating Project.