pandora bracelets How to Make a Corset Pattern

How to Make a Corset Pattern

Plan what measurement you want to use for the front line. The front line is the piece that goes down the center of your abdomen and usually has a busk added. When you learn how to make a corset with a Victorian corset pattern, the length will be around 12 14 inches. Another corset pattern may have one that is only 9 inches. Starting with about 12 inches for this fashion pattern can be easiest and will lend itself to easy adjustment l pandora bracelets ater pandora bracelets .

Draw a vertical line on the far right of the cut open grocery bag to match the desired length of the front line of the corset.

Step 4

Using your bust measurement, divide it in half and draw a horizontal line to the left from the top of the front line. This is the bustline of your corset pattern.

Step 5

At the end of the bustline, the far left side, measure down three inches. Label this as point A.

Step 6

Use your bust measurement divided in half again. Add 2 to the number. Starting at the top of the front line measure this far to the left and then down three inches. Make a mark labeled point B.

Step 7
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Once again, divide your bust measurement in half. Divide this total in half. From the top of the front line measure to the left this far. Make a dot and label it point C. Draw a gently curving line between A, B and C.

Step 8

Starting at point C, going down, draw a dotted line to make your waist to underarm length.

Step 9

Divide your waist measurement in half. Remove 1 from this total. The 1 inch removed will create a waist cincher look when you learn how to make a corset. Use this number to draw a horizontal line from the front line and passing at the base of the waist to underarm measurement. This is the waistline of your corset pattern.

Step 10

From the far left of the waistline, measure one inch down and label this point D.

Step 11

Draw a line from A to D. Make it as straight as possible as this will be the backline of the corset where eyelets will be added for lacing.

Step 12

Again, cut your waist measurement by 2. Divide this number pandora bracelets in half. Measure this far along the waist line starting at the point furthest from the front line. Measure half an inch up. Label this mark point E.

Step 13

Once more, cut your waist measurement in half. Measure from the front line and up 1 inch. Make a dot here and label it F.

Step 14

Divide your natural waist measurement in half. Divide in half, once more. Measure this far across the waist line starting at the front line. Make this point G.

Step 15

Make a gentle curving line between D, E, F and G. Between the front line and point G you will need to make enough room for the busk. This will be about a 1 or 2 inch area that will be a fraction longer than the rest of the corset. Bridal corsets can use a smaller busk area while leather corsets may need a slightly wider one.