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How to Make a crocheted swirling bag with Kathy Merrick

It’s flattering enough to be complemented on your pretty bag. So how awesome would it be to get compliments on a bag you made yourself? Not many people endeavor to craft a homemade bag (for fear of loose ends, things falling out of random holes, etc.), even though it’s actually pretty easy.

Don’t believe us? Just watch this Interweave video to learn how to crochet a swirling, multicolored bag with Kathy Merrick. This colorblocked bag can be used to store anything from your wallet and keys to books.

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Carrying a bag you crocheted yourself can be a source of pride, a conversation piece and a handy way to transport your things. Learn how to crochet your own bag, from the first chain to the finishing touches, in this free crafts video series with our crochet expert, Axis Knox.

Part 1 of 56 How to Crochet a bag.

Crochet a bag Part 2 of 56.

A plastic bag made out of plastic bags that stronger than its constituent parts and pandora bracelets reusuable for shopping trips? How did we not think of this before? While there been a green movement recently to upcycle “junk” or “trash” into something usable, like old t shirts into grocery bags, the idea was always to turn something into something else entirely.

But this project starts and ends with a plastic bag, albeit one much more sturdy than the previous one. Watch this fun four part tutorial to learn how to crochet a plastic bag using plastic bag yarn.

Part 1 of 4 How to Create a crochet.

In this tutorial, we learn how to do a left handed crochet swirl stitch. You not going to have full circles on each, because there will be an end on each side of it. Start with a slipknot and pandora bracelets then do eight single stitches along the string. Keep it in sections of eight and then do this over again. Keep going until you reach the length that you want. Then, stick your needle into the previous stitch and leave a string on the top. Pull through two and then start the half swirl going up over the top. Wrap the material around and then count to the fourth stitch. Stick it into the fourt pandora bracelets h stitch.

For those of you who are knitting beginners, an Afghan may sound difficult but it actually just a fancy schmancy term for a crochet blanket. The blanket texture varies according to your choosing, from thick wool yarn to light and airy summertime yarn.

If the very pretty purple crochet Afhan presented in this tutorial interests you, then simply take a look at this crochet tutorial to get the how to. This particular crochet Afghan features a swirl pattern that inters pandora bracelets ects in the center. This tutorial is for left handers.

In this tutorial, we learn how to crochet a jumbo pinwheel swirl stitch. This has the same line count as the smaller, but it will have larger lines that the normal. You will be creating a larger distance between the two colors. Start off at the bottom wrapping it twice around your finger, then pulling it over and pushing it up. From here, you will do sets of eight to create the pinwheels along the design. After this, you will start to create the next level, which will be with a different color. Make as many rows as you would like. Then, when you are finished you can tie it off and you done!.