pandora bracelets How to Make a cupcake treat ba

How to Make a cupcake treat bag

To start you will need a craft bag. They can be found at Michaels but they can be difficult to find. Take the bottom flap of bag and fold it over. The bags will be cut down to 4 and 3/8. You will next need your pink pirouette cardstocks, one will be 5 3/4 x 3 5/8 and it will be scored at 1 1/4. That will be the back of the bag. The other pirouette will be 4 1/2 x 3 5/8 and it will be the front of the bag. On the front Pirouette you will use your stamp on the front right hand corner as close to the bottom as possible. Next you will take your rectangle punch if you have it (a round on will work fine) and puch holes one the back pirouette under where you have scored it about 1/2 an inch in. When you complete that run you brown ribbon through the holes and use scoth tape to hold the ends down. Now attatch the bag to the pirouette using double side tape. line it up to the bottom. Next you will need your prestamped shimmery white 2×3 cardstock. You will attatch it to a pink 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 card stock. You will attatch the pink onto a chocolate 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 cardstock. Then you will attatch a piece of velcro towards the bottom. You will need a piece of chocolate card stock measuring 3 5/8 x 1 1/2 and you will use a scallop punch to make a decorative edge you will attatch it to the bag with a little bit showing. Next you will apply the pink brown and whit cardstock to the bag.

We believe that cupcakes are as cute and pretty as they come, but when they given out as party favors (pending t pandora bracelets hey don get entirely eaten beforehand) they have to be packaged and carried home.

But don dampen the beauty of these miniature cakes by stuffing them in insulting brown paper bags. Instead, create cupcake holders just as adorable as those cupcakes you slaved an entire night over by watching this video.

You learn how to craft Valentine Day themed cupcake holders that look great and are also practical.

Part 1 of 2 How to Create a Valentine Day cupcake holder.

Learn how to frost a cupcake using a 1M tip or large tip. The supplies you need are cupcakes and a bag with the frosting and the tip. First, squeeze the bag to remove any air bubbles. Take your cupcake in your hand and start at the outside and work your way in. Then, in one motion, go over the first layer to create a stacked second layer of icing. This method gives you a pretty ice cream cone type effect on your cupcakes. Next, you learn how to make your cupcakes look like roses. Using the same bag and tip, start in the center and then work your way around the cupcake. This will create a.

To make mini cupcake earrings first take a piece of sculpey and make a cylinder. Make vertical indentations around the cylinder, similar to those an the edge of a quarter. this forms the bottom of the cupcake pandora bracelets . Next take another small piece of sculpy and ro pandora bracelets le it into a line like a piece of yarn. starting at the edg pandora bracelets e of the top of your cylinder coil the line of sculpy around the edge and up, similar to a piece of novelty poop. this forms the cupcake. stick a earring finding through the top of the cupcake. you can add decoration by using colored sculpey or add little bits of sculpey on top for.