pandora bracelets How to Make a Curly Bow in Gif

How to Make a Curly Bow in Gift Wrapping

I am going to show you how to make a curly bow for the package that we just pandora bracelets pandora bracelets wrapped. So I am going to stretch ou pandora bracelets t my ribbon pretty far. We are going to use it all so use as much as you need. We are going to start about halfway through the ribbon, come down across the top of the package, flip the package over, criss cross the ribbon in the back and flip the package back over. Now you can cut your ribbon off leaving enough so that you can tie the ribbon at the top; just a regular knot. Now for the curly part at the top, I need to take quite a bit more ribbon here and I am going to cut it off in about two or three foot lengths and they do not have to be the same length; just approximate. Now we put those all together and hold them about in the middle, put that down on top of the knot that you have already made, tie another knot on top of that and I do a double just to make sure it sticks and now we are going to do the curling. So I get my scissors and I open them because I am only going to use one blade and we are going to zip this scissors along the under side of the ribbon, so you want to make sure you are using the size of the ribbon that curls under, hold that tightly against your thumb. This ribbon; it is between my thumb and the blade of the scissors and pull it fast. You can make a really full bow if you put lots of extra strands on the top that you are going to curl. You can also add different colors to the ribbon and have a multicolored curly bow on the top. You could curl in really tight by holding the s pandora bracelets cissors really tight against your thumb or you can hold it lightly and make loose curls and here is the curly ribbon on the top of the package.