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How to Make a cute Halloween themed treat bag or gift bag

We all have a bag of old clothes somewhere, or old clothes lying randomly around the closet. You know, the t shirt that too ratty or that dress you got from Ann Taylor that looked perfectly in season a f pandora bracelets ew years ago but now you can bring yourself to wear anywhere.

While you can take these re pandora bracelets tired body warmers over to Goodwill, you can put them to a much more creative use by upcycling them into wine bags and gift bags. Just watch this tutorial for the how to.

Mon pandora bracelets a from Cup Cakes Creations demonstrates the use of a Cricut Expression machine to make gift bags. She starts with the smaller gift bag found on page 115 of the instruction book. It gives the option of putting holes in the bag. She sets the machine to cut two 5 1/2″ bags out of 12×12″ paper, and cuts it. pandora bracelets With the bag cut out, she explains how the bag is folded and taped with Terrifically Tacky Tape, and decorated with a 2″ tag. The tag is attached with a cord, and decorated with a ribbon. The larger gift bag is made using a 12×24″ mat. Once the image is cut out, she scored the bag and.