pandora bracelets How To Make a Decorated Christ

How To Make a Decorated Christmas Bag

Dig out old Christmas cards or wrapping paper you no longer want, and cut out any words or pictures you may like. These may be glued onto paper bags to form a scene. One idea would be to use cotton balls along the bottom of a gift bag. A picture of a snowman placed whe pandora bracelets rever you find pleasing could create a winter scene. White or blue tissue paper tucked into the bag so that there is a bit sticking out the top would finish the scene.

Another idea for a decorated Christmas bag is to have kids or grandkids use their crayons or markers to create a winter or holiday scene. They may choose to draw a Christmas tree, an angel, or whatever else captures the holiday spirit.

Glitter and glue could also be used for decorations. If you are talented pandora bracelets with free drawing, you could draw a snowman, angel, tree, gift, or whatever else you want on a bag. If you are not so talented, you could use a stencil or get ideas from clip art on the internet. Lightly trace or draw a picture or saying on a bag. Trace your drawing or saying with glue. Before the glue dries, sprinkle it li pandora bracelets berally with glitter and let it sit for a while. When the glue is dried, simply shake the excess glitter off. You will have a pandora bracelets sparkling decorated bag for Christmas.