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How to Make a Diaper Cake

Plan the diaper cake before you begin creating it in order to avoid winding up with a creation that is impossible to support and transport easily.

Select Shape. You can make a square or round diaper cake.

Choose Wrapping Method. Craftbits: Baby Disposable Diaper/Nappy Cake LayeredRolled diapers create a larger cake with the same number of diapers, but require additional time. Craftbits: Ba pandora bracelets by Disposable Diaper Cake RolledFlattened diapers take the most time and require more diapers, but produce a smoother, more cake like end result.

Choose Diapers. Select the size and type of diaper that you’ll use, based on wrapping method.

Avoid using newborn sizes. Instructables: How to Make a Diaper Cake Most babies will need the next two sizes soon after delivery.

Expect to use 50 100 of size 3 (16 lbs+) disposable diapers for any diaper cake. Instructables: How to Make a Diaper CakeRemember that pandora bracelets cloth diapers don’t have as much bulk as disposables. Diaper Jungle: How To Make a Cloth Diaper Cake

Picking a theme will make it easier to shop for your supplies. Instructables: How to Make a Diaper Cake Decide in advance if the cake is unisex, boy or girl oriented or designed to match the new baby’s nursery or a favorite children’s character. Most supplies can be picked up in craft stores or well stocked drugstores and mass merchandisers, like dollar stores.

Diapers. Choose plain white or decorated diapers that match your theme.

Wide ribbons (1 2 inches) to secure rows and to make large bows.

Narrow (1/4 1/2 inch) grosgrain or curling ribbons for decoration and attaching items to cake.

Scotch tape and clear packing tape.

Rubber bands to secure rolled diapers.

A wooden dowel, cardboard paper towel tube or baby bottle (depending on your design) to serve as a core fo pandora bracelets r the cake.

A decorative plastic, metal or heavy cardboard tray to serve as a base.

Decorations including small baby items such as pacifiers, bath toys, teething rings, rattles, socks, mittens, booties, bibs, travel size lotions, wipes and so on.

Netting or cellophane wrap (optional). This will add a decorative, protective layer during transport and storage.

Each layer of the cake is secured to the core. Build the bottom layer and check for stability before going on to the next layer. Tweak your design, if necessary, before putting on the next tier.

Attach the core to the base with clear packing tape.

Decorate the base by covering it with plastic wrap or netting, if desired. Secure covering to underside of base with packing ta pandora bracelets pe.

Roll all the diapers into cylinders and fasten each with one rubber band. If you are using folded diapers, skip this step. Instructables: How to Make a Diaper CakeStack diapers evenly around the core to form one row. Craftbits: Baby Disposable Diaper Cake Rolled Fasten this row with a narrow ribbon. Continue making rows of rolled diapers (and fastening them) until your first cake layer is the circumference that you have selected. Wrap the finished layer (tier) tightly with wide ribbon.

Start making the second layer (tier) by stacking diapers around the core to form a new row. Make this layer one less row than the foundation row. Secure finished tier with wide ribbon.

Continue adding layers (tiers) in this fashion, until you have 2 4 tiers, securing each row with narrow ribbon and securing each tier with wide ribbon. Decorate the cake with your selected baby items. You can even add a topper, if desired, to make your cake special.

Wrap additional ribbons around each layer to hold gifts, toys and bows.

In order to preserve the structural integrity of the cake, do not use the ribbons that you secured the diaper stack with for attaching items.

Add a cake topper, if desired. Use a stuffed toy, make towels animals or simply add a fabulous bow with streamers.