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How to Make a Dice Bag

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysHi, my name is Windy St. George, and this is how to make your own dice bag. You can go to the fabric store or scrounge ar pandora bracelets ound your house to find fabric that you like. Find a a rectangle about twice the length of this. Then, you fold it in half, and then you’re just going to sew up the two sides of your rectangle. You can do it with a sewing machine, or you can just do a simple hand stitch that’s pretty tight, running up the side of the bag. I’m just going to do a backstitch here. Now, you cont pandora bracelets inue along one side and along another side, but on one side you’re going to leave it open and you fold over the edge to make a hem. And then, you sew that leaving plenty of room, because you’re going to be putting a string through that little casing that you make pandora bracelets . By just running it all the way around, you sew it all the way around leaving a little hole at the end. That’s where you’re going to push the string all the way around, and it comes out and then you just knot it. And you should do it pretty strai pandora bracelets ght if you can. A little crookedness is okay because you’re going to turn this inside out, and when you turn it inside out it’ll look a little more even. If you have a sewing machine and you can stitch a straight line you can do this even faster, but it’s not necessary. You can you can do a a good hand stitch instead. It should only take you maybe ten minutes. If you wanted to be very careful you could also iron the edges down before you sew them, and then they’ll be very flat and and and and straight. And that’s that’s what it will look like finished. You won’t see the seam. It’ll just fold under. That’s how you make a dice bag.