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How to make a dip

Step 1: Wash and dry your T shirt: dye sticks better to clean fabric. Put on some old clothes and head outside, or to your bathroom. Cover surfaces with bin bags.

Step 2: Want to dunk the bottom? Hang it on a normal hanger, the way you’d hang something in your wardrobe. Dyeing the top? Clip a skirt/trouser hanger to the bottom edge.

Step 3: How to mix your dye depends what brand you buy, so follow the instructions on the packet. Typically, you’ll need to mix a packet in a washing up bowl or steel sink and add salt. Once mixed, use kitchen roll to wipe the edges of the bowl: even tiny spots pandora bracelets of dye can ruin the effect you’re going for.

Step 4: If you want a guide for how far to dip your T shirt, add a line of pins a centimetre above where you want the dye to end (never dunk over the pins, as that area will look different on your finished garment).

Step 5: For a straight, two tone dip, carefully dunk the T shirt into the bowl and drape it over the side: leave for as long as it says on the packet. For an ombr effect, dip it in for two minutes, then pull about one third of the d pandora bracelets yed fabric out of the liquid. Leave for another ten minutes. Finally, pull a third out and leave for another ten minutes. Leave in longer each time for a more intense colour.

Step 6: Whatever effect you’ve chosen, be sure to rinse the dye out properly. Wearing one rubber glove, take theT shirt to a sink or the bath: hold the white area with your non gloved hand and let it hang, so when you rinse it out no colour gets on the undyed fabric. Rinse with cold water until it runs clear. Wash separatel pandora bracelets y the first couple of times, so any excess dye is removed.

You can dye non white T shirts but the colour won’t be true

For a more muted shade, dye the T shirt while it’s damp

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