pandora bracelets How to Make a Drawstring Bag

How to Make a Drawstring Bag

Lately, I keep forgetting to put spare outfits in the diaper bag. The problem reached critical mass at church last Sunday.

During the closing song, Steve went down to fetch Henry from the nursery. After the closing prayer, I spotted them in the foyer. Steve was looking very grumpy.

His diaper had leaked, soaking his khakis. A frantic search of the diaper bag uncovered three shirts, but no pants. Henry looked odd in his big puffy coat and bare legs. Embarrassed and irritated, we slipped out the side exit.

I always believe there is a change of clothes in the bag, but it hard to be sure in the race to get out the door in time.

I had the idea for a while that it might be easier to keep track of spare outfits if I set aside two shirts and two pants solely devoted to the diaper bag, and then contained them in their own little bag so I could tell without digging if they stocked.

Time to put this idea into practice! And because I not buying anything new, I knew I have to create something with the resources at hand.

A quick web search yielded an excellent tutorial from Skip to my Lou. You can follow her instructions, but I thought I give you my step by step process as well.

To make the bag, I used a piece of fabric and ribbon from my stash. Remember, though, that is fabric so you could easily make a bag like this from an old pillowcase, a skirt that too small, a pretty cloth napkin sky the limit!

1. Cut a rectangle at the width you want the bag (plus 1 for seam allowance) and double the height (plus 2.5 I cut mine 10 x 28 based on the size of a sample stack of spare clothes.

2. If you going to add any embellishments, do it now. My mom laughs at me, but I always have to complicate things by adding something extra to every project I make. Isn that what makes handmade projects fun?

A little pocket would be a great addition to this bag. In my case, I settled on an applique letter, which I cut out, pinned to the bag, and attached with a simple stitch close to the edge. The rough edges of the fabric will ravel, which is intentional.

3. Press the two short ends of the rectangle(which will be the top of the bag) 1/4 toward the wrong side of the fabric, and stitch close to the edge.

4. Fold the rectangle right sides together, and align the top edges. Measure 2 down from the top of the b pandora bracelets ag on both sides, and mark with a pin.

5. On each side, sew with 1/2 seam from the bottom of the bag up to the mark 2 from the top. This will leave the top 2 of the bag not sewn together.

6. Use pinking shears to cut the edge off the side seams (this keeps the rough edges from raveling inside the bag).

This part was funny for me, because I don have pinking shears and it was too late to borrow some. I found a scalloped blade intended for a paper cutter which specifically says use with paper only I put it in my rotary cutter and cut away! I don necessary recommend this but it worked in a pinch.

7. Press open both side seams pandora bracelets , and when you reach the top edges press them 1/4 as well. To make this much easier, I was able to use this handy dandy ironing board, which I found in the free box at a garage sale this summer. I just KNEW it would come in handy! pandora bracelets

8. Now, stitch down those pressed edges, across the seam, and back up the other side, making a U shape. (the picture helps)

9. Now, fold down the top 1 on each side toward the wrong side of the fabric. This will create the casing for the drawstring. Press, and sew close to the bottom edge.

10. Turn the whole thing inside out and press. You got your bag! Now for the drawstrings.

11. You need two pieces of string, ribbon, or cord (I used grosgrain ribbon). Each piece should be twice the width of the bag, plus at least 5 of slack to tie a knot.

12. Attach a safety pin to one end of the ribbon. Feed it pandora bracelets through the tube from left to right, then back the other side so the two loose ends are both on the left side of the bag. Tie the ends together.