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How to make a drawstring fabric bag

: How to make a drawstring fabric bag For the last couple of years, I’ve made fabric bags to wrap all our presents in. Usually, it was just a flat bag with a drawstring casing at the top. First, measure the box, both around the sides (S), and around from top to bottom (T). Here, you’re going to use what ever sewing method works for you, to sew the basic bag shape. I used my serger to do a narrow rolled hem. Now that you have it pinned, you can sew the first seam of the casing. Fold that flange up. Pin it if you like, or just hold it down while you top stitch near the edge. (Wish I’d chosen less busy fabric for this.)Step 8: Measure and mark to square up the bottom. You can skip this s pandora bracelets tep if you’re in a hurry, or just don’t care. Sew along both of your marked seam lines. Cut off the dog ears. Now go back and pink or zig zag the finished seams. The hard part is over, and you’re almost done. You deserve it!Step 11: Cut the stitching at the seam in th pandora bracelets e casing. If you’re like me, even though you measured everything, the idea of measuring the pandora bracelets pandora bracelets ribbon is just soul deadening. So lay your bag down flat. I have this really cool, long, red plastic bodkin that threads through the casing, and then you thread your ribbon through a big eye on the end, and p.