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How to Make a Duck Tape Backpack

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysDuck tape (also known as duct tape), it’s not just for household repairs anymore! Developed by the military during World War II as a water resilient sealant for ammunition casing, this vers pandora bracelets atile reinforced polyethylene tape substance has a multitude of daily uses. In recent years, with the growing DIY Nation, a lot of alternativ pandora bracelets e uses for duck tape have been cropping up. Duck tape wallets, corsets and backpacks are among the trendy items crafters have used this versatile material to create with. Making a sturdy backpack out of duck tape is an easy craft, ideal for a newbie crafter.Make the straps for the backpack. Measure from where you want the backpack to hit your hip (in the back) to the top of your shoulder. Add two inc pandora bracelets hes to accommodate for where the straps will attach to the backpack. Cut four strips of silver pandora bracelets duck tape that length and place them together with the sticky sides facing in so that you have two silver straps. To strengthen the straps, cover in short strips of colored duck tape that wrap around the silver strap and meet in a seam on the back of the strap.