pandora bracelets How to Make a Duct Tape Tote B

How to Make a Duct Tape Tote Bag

Duct Tape Tote Kit ReviewGreat Gift for Girls 7 12: The Duct Tape Tote Kits by Alex are a great gift idea for girls aged 7 and up. My 3 girls, aged 8 to 11, enjoyed using the kit to make duct tape crafts. The instructions in the kit are clear and they enjoyed having several duct tape colors to use in the kit.

Quality Average: However, the quality of the duct tape isn’t as good as the regula pandora bracelets r rolls. My girls have liked using the regular duct tape rolls better because they are thicker and stick more easily.

Inspires Creativity: Even so, I would still recommend any of the Duct Tape Kits by Alex as a great present idea because it teaches girls how to use duct tape to make their own totes, jewelry or duct tape flowers. Better yet, it spurs them on to make their own creations. My daughter Sophie is now teaching all her friends to make different sorts of duct tape flowers, duct tape chains and especially her own design of duct tape totes.

Fun Fashions Tweens Can Make: Making their own accessories is a way for tweens to express their creativity. Tween girls like to be unique and sometimes they do that by asking for expensive presents and fashions. A better way for young girls to express their personality is to learn to make their own unique fashion accessories. That’s why I’m always looking for crafts that my girls can make and share with friends. Sophie has found that since Duct Tape comes in all sorts of colors and popular patterns, she can make a duct tape tote to match any outfit.

Fun with Friends. My 11 year old daughter Sophie has taught her original design to lots of her friends and after practicing, she can make 3 small bags in about an hour. She likes to put a Duct Tape Flower pen inside her bag with a Duct Tape Covered Notebook. To finish off her outfit, she wears a Duct Tape Chain and Duct Tape Ring. Fun!

Duct Tape Tote Bag PurseAfter using the Duct Tape Kit and making several tote bags with flat fronts. Sophie invented this layered triangle tote bag using the same sort of triangles she pandora bracelets uses in her duct tape roses. She has taught lots of her friends how to make these bags.

Materials for Sophie’s Duct Tape Tote BagDuct Tape in at least 2 colors you will need 12 feet of Duct tape for a small sandwich bag tote like the one in the video.

Ziplock bags: Sophie uses a sandwich bag for her video, but she has also made duct tape totes out of quart and gallon sized Zip Locks.

scissors and ruler: these help you to cut and measure but are really optional.

Duct Tape Tote Bag InstructionsFront of Bag: Cut duct tape in 2 inch strips. Usually it is easiest to do about 4 at a time.( For sandwich size Zip Lock Bag, you will need 4 strips per row, and 7 rows, or about 28 two inch strips for front of bag).

Making Triangles 1: Lay duct tape strip sticky side up. Fold duct tape strip down 2/3 of the way on one side, leaving 1/3 of the sticky bottom and side showing.

Making Triangles 2: Fold the opposite side down to make a triangle with a sticky strip at the bottom (see photos).

Attaching to Bag: Attach the folded triangles to the bottom of the sandwich bag with points going down. Overlap them so that the four triangles just cover the bag.

Finish Front: Make 4 more triangles in a different color and put those overlapping on top of the first row. Continue until you are just about 1 1/2 inches from the top of the bag.

Top of Bag: pandora bracelets Pick one of the colors of duct tape and cut a strip just long enough to go across the top of the bag. Put it carefully all across the top. If a little sticky side goes over the top, you can trim it off with scissors.

Handle: Make a handle by measuring how long you want it to be. Cut a duct tape strip that length then carefully fold it in half.

Attach Handle to Bag: Use 2 pieces of duct tape to attach the handle to the back of the bag

Back of Tote: Now cover the whole back of the bag with duct tape, overlapping your strips just a bit.

Making Duct Tape Purse with GroupHow Much Duct Tape for each Tote? If you are planning to have a group do duct tape totes, you will need about 2 rolls of 15 foot Duct tape for every 7 people. Here is how to work it out:

12 feet of Duct Tape per tote. Each small duct tape tote bag takes about 12 feet of duct tape. Usually, we use two colors of tape for each purse, so you would need about 6 feet of two different colors.

15 Yard Rolls of Solid Color Duct Tape. Each solid color duct tape roll (Duck Tape Brand) has 15 yards of duct tape (or 45 feet). Two rolls would make about 7 duct tape tote bags and leave pandora bracelets about 10 feet leftover for mistakes.

Costs about $1.00 per Bag. Buying Duct tape at the regular price, you can probably make each project with colored tape for about $1.00 a bag. If you get some donations of Duct Tape, or find an E Bay or Amazon sale, you might do the project for less.

Use Plain Grey to cut costs. If you are doing lots of bags, you might want to consider using the traditional grey duct tape for one of your colors. It can be found in large rolls that are even cheaper. Grey and black, or grey and pink can be very cute bags.

For Smaller Group. If you want to offer choices of colors, you might want to consider buying the duct tape tote kit. It offers smaller amounts of several colors, so that the crafters can choose and you don’t have to buy so much duct tape.

Duct Tape Purse IdeasOn E Bay and etsy, I’ve seen other duct tape purses where the crafter used duct tape to cover an old purse.

I think that is a great idea too. Do you have a duct tape tote idea? Please share your ideas in the comments!