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How to Make a duffel bag out of old umbrellas

ThreadBanger pays homage to the movie “Fame” by showing us how to make the perfect “80’s tastic” duffel bag out of old umbrellas. With this thrifty idea, you will need a few umbrellas (broken is fine), scissors, a square pattern, a sewing machine, a zipper, and anything handy that will work as a strap. Use your new custom duffel bag to carry all your leotards or dance shoes in, or make a statement on your way to the video store to rent “FAME!”

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Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. First make an outline of the body of the jellyfish by drawing a dome with verticl sections like a parachute or an umbrella. Join the sections at the bottom of the dome like a skirt. Colour the background blue in three sections from top to bottom. Darker blue is used for the top most section, a medium blue used for the middle section and a lighter blue for the lower section. Next colour the umbrella mass of the jellyfish in a blue tone starting with a darker blue from the right to a lighter blue on the left. Use a light blue dotted.

Whitney shows a quick way to make a bag out of t shirt sleeves. This bag has so many household uses and is easy to make. You need a sleeve, safety pins, scissors, scrap fabric, pins, thread, an iron, and a rule pandora bracelets r. Start by cutting a 1 inch wide strip of fabric and any design you like. You can make the bag as large as you like. Cut your rectangle using the ruler. Position your design to the fold. Sew around the design you choose, refold your rectangle and pin. Sew along those two lines. Turning inside out, iron your bag. Feed your string through the side that pandora bracelets you cut using a safety pin.

Tank tops are relatively cheap, and cutesy bags can be expensive from designer shops and street vendors, so your only solution for saving money is using your tanks for homemade bags. See how to transform a tank top into a magazine bag in this video from GiannyL.

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This DIY closet hack is simple and easy, and the homemade magazine bag is great for any situation, with minimal sewing skills required. This cure book bag is the perfect caddy for your favorite magus, bits, and trinkets.

Carry around your favorite magazine or crafts using this tutorial. You don even need to buy fabric or a pattern.

Don trash your unfashionable old skirt, but turn it into something new, som pandora bracelets ething unique, something fashionable. See how to create a designer tote from a skirt in this video from GiannyL.

This DIY closet hack is simple and easy, and the tote bag is great for any occasion, with minimal sewing skills required. Don let that “not so in” skirt take up any more closet space. Give it a whole new purpose and create a one of a kind tote bag.

The alluring and stylish Gianny L is the DIY fashion design guru of the web. Do it yourself has never been so sexy before. Her fashion design video tutorials.