pandora bracelets How to make a gallon of delici

How to make a gallon of delicious iced tea

Step one, fill a pitcher with 3 quarts of water. This is important because this is how you make your tea cold. Stick that three quarts into the fridge.

Step two, put one quart of water in a pot. Boil the water.

That’s how ya do it. I don’t even add sweetener when I do it I just like unsweetened tea. Alternatively, you can simply fill your jug or pitcher with a gallon of wat pandora bracelets er, stick tea bags in it, and then stick it into the fridge overnight. That’s cold brewing, and it makes equally delicious tea. This is the way to get quick tea, though. Enjoy!

Last updated on August 15, 2009

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MICKEY IRVIN 3 years ago

DEAR SIRS, I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE, I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE 3 GALLONS OF SOUTHERN ICE TEA pandora bracelets AT ONE TIME USING A 36 CUP ELECTRIC COFFEE PERCOLATOR. I probably drink at least a half a pandora bracelets gallon of iced tea every day. I use the same method that you do, but I use eight tea bags instead of six. I like my tea stronger than most people do.