pandora bracelets How to Make a Garbage Bag Ceil

How to Make a Garbage Bag Ceiling Spider

Halloween is one of the best holidays to decorate for. From making scary pumpkins to cute ghosts, there is no end to what we might come up with. Of course, when making decorations, we try to involve the kids in projects. Several years ago, I noticed a garbage bag spider at a store. Of course, I had to have it. Within time, I learned how to create my own garbage bag spider and are sharing it with others.

Here is what you need:

First, blow up one of the balloons about halfway. Place it in the bottom of the trash bag. Next, crumple up and put about one layer around the balloon. Gather the trash bag around the balloon and tie with pandora bracelets a twist tie, thus forming the head of the spider.

Next, blow up the second balloon to full size. Place it in the open part of the trash bag. Crumple up and put about two layers around the balloon. Now, gather the trash bag around the balloon and tie with a twist tie. This should form the body pandora bracelets of the spider and have used up the rest of the garbage bag.

Now, create two eyes and a mouth for the spider out of the white paper, while also using the black marker. Cut them out and tape them to the head of the spider.

For the fourth step, cut out 8 legs for the spider. Each leg should be about four feet long. If you want the legs longer, that is fine also. Carefully staple one end of pandora bracelets each leg to the spider’s body.

To hang the spider, use the push pins to pin the top of the head, part of the body, and the middle of the legs to your ceiling. If you put the spider in the middle of your living room ceiling, you can stretch his legs out and have a really enormous spider on your ceiling! Remember, you don’t have to mak pandora bracelets e the spider friendly looking either!

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