pandora bracelets How To Make a Ghillie Suit

How To Make a Ghillie Suit

The first thing you should do, in constructing your own suit, is make a checklist of all of the materials you need, and make sure you have each and every item. For this particular kind of ghillie suit, we will need :

Hot Glue Gun

You can acquire many of these items at any yard sale, thrift store, or army surplus store, saving possibly hundreds of dollars. Once you have scratched all of these items off of your checklist, it is time to move on to the design of your Ghillie suit. Everybody has different needs, when constructing their own camouflage, but we will focus on more of a poncho type design, for convenience and budget.

First, you will need to take your nylon netting(or mesh) and lay it out on a flat surface. As far as colors go, you can’t go wrong with standard camouflage netting, but some people prefer black, for the appearance of shadows. Once the netting is laid out, you will need to take your scissors, and cut a head sized hole in the very center of the material. This should cause the material to drape over your body with ease, once placed over your head(much like a poncho). With pandora bracelets the netting still laid flat, take both of the canvas military duffel bags and cut them up into various sized strips. Now you can dye the strips different colors, with your fabric dye, to achieve a more realistic effect. Once you have done th pandora bracelets is, you can either sew, or glue the strips to the netting. Do it in layers, and alternate the col pandora bracelets ors. pandora bracelets Also, make sure to add actual foliage to your suit, to make it extra realistic!