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How to Make a Gift Bag From Wrapping Paper

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHo pandora bracelets bbies, Games ToysHi I’m Cari Thomas and this is my shop, Santa Barba pandora bracelets ra Gift Baskets. Today I’m going to show you ho pandora bracelets w to make a gift bag out of wrapping pa pandora bracelets per. The materials that you’ll need are your wrapping paper, your scissors, ribbon, tape, the item that you’d like to wrap and then a square item bigger than the item that you’d like to wrap. The first step is to find something that’s bigger than what you want to give. I’m going to give these little baby socks, and so I’m going to use this box of laundry detergent, because it’s bigger, to make my gift bag so that the socks will fit nicely inside. You want it to be a square or rectangle item that has a good flat surface, and that’s just to give you a guide to make your bag. So I’ve already precut this paper. You want it to be a bit longer than the item that you’re wrapping, so to start you want to bring it all the way to one edge. If you have a nice cut on the edge here you can leave it just as it is, or you could go ahead and fold that in if it didn’t look nice. I just have a normal Scotch tape. You could also use a double stick tape so that no tape is showing on the fold of your bag, but that disappears pretty nicely, and then you’re going to go down to the other end, and you’re just going to wrap it as if it was a gift. This is a little bit too long, and we don’t want a lot of extra paper bulging down there, so I’m going to go ahead and trim it a bit. Okay so I’m going to go ahead and fold this down, making strong creases, fold that up there and we’re going to do one more piece of tape, and now this is going to be the bottom of your bag. So, put it upside down and slide that off of there. Now, with this one, I didn’t do this next step because I liked the rough edge, but with this one, because you can tell that this was cut a little bit unevenly, you can go ahead and fold all the edges down a bit, tuck your gift inside and add a little tissue, and you’ve made your own gift bag.