pandora bracelets How to Make a Gift Bag Wedding

How to Make a Gift Bag Wedding Favor

The gift bag wedding favors are a fun and cute way to add a little whimsy to your wedding tables. You will need small gift bags for this wedding projec pandora bracelets t. Often you can find these bags at a local Dollar Store. I have made this style of wedding favors for several weddings, and it is extremely popular when there is a bag designed specifically for men and women. Gift Bag Wedding FavorsSmall bottles of bubble bathVarious items to fill gift bags1. I find the fastest way to make a large amount of these wedding favors is to do them in an assembly line fashion. If you are making wed pandora bracelets ding favors for both wome pandora bracelets n and men, make a separate section for each style of gift bags.2. Open all the gift bags, then fill them with basket filler. Place a vase inside each gift bag. Try to keep the vase centered, and place the goodies around the vase.

3. Place bubble bath and candies in the gift bags. For the guys you could use candies, nuts, or sports related items to fill their gift bags.

4. Make self stick labels that have the bride and groom’s name on them, and the wedding date. Place a label on the front, center of each gift bag wedding favor.

You will fill the vases after the gift bag favors are placed at each wedding table setting. The best way to transport these wedding favors is by placing them in cardboard trays, which can be found at most grocery stores. If you go in ahead of time, they usually will save the trays for you. Once the favors are placed, put a little water in each vase, then put a single stem rose, daisy or carnation in each va pandora bracelets se.

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