pandora bracelets How to Make a Gift BagFold

How to Make a Gift Bag

Fold the decorated paper the same way that the brown paper was folded. Use the paper bag as a model to work off of. Sizes mentioned are for a standard paper lunch bag.

On the right side, make a crease 3″ (7.5 pandora bracelets cm) in. This is your right panel. 6″ (15 cm) later, make another crease (this is your first main panel). 3″ after that, make another crease (this is your left panel). You should now see 4 distinct areas to your bag two short sides and two long sides.

Form the b pandora bracelets ottom. This will be the trickiest part. Think of wrapping a gift box you want right angles and matched creases.

Fold down the short sides, creating four triangles. Form firm creases along the top edges of the triangles. Fold them down, meeting the two edges to each other, pandora bracelets forming your bottom.

Apply glue to the botto pandora bracelets m, folded down sides. Place the long sides over the short sides. On the second, top long flap, apply glue and press firmly. Fold it over the other long flap. A sort of “X” shape should be on the bottom of your bag.

Place a piece of cardstock at the bottom to reinforce it. Apply glue to the cardstock and insert, pressing down firmly.

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