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How to Make a Go Bag

Pay attention to the news. If there is a fire burning nearby, or violent weather coming, consider staging a few things in boxes to be ready for an evacuation. Consider evacuating BEFORE it’s mandatory, and you’ll have a much better time compared to people who wait until everyone else is leaving and get stuck with traffic and shortages.

Consider well ahead of time what you’d take if you had a day’s notice, a couple of hours’ notice to pack the car, or five minutes’ notice to ‘get out now’ (the pandora bracelets go bag). Make a plan and a checklist.

Make arrangements for places to stay well ahead of time. Make a deal: If there’s an emergency/evacuation, they can come to your home, or you to theirs. Crashing on someone’s sofa or camping in their yard is infinitely preferable to a public shelter.

If you have to take medications, make sure you keep them all in one place, and can sweep them into the go bag without any searching. Refill your prescriptions before you’re nearly out of them.

You can go crazy adding stuff to this bag depending on the potential for emergencies and the environme pandora bracelets nt you live in, you should edit the bag. A bag put together by a person living in Montana worrying about wildfire would be more likely to have warm clothing than someone in Florida who worries about hurricanes.

While you should not feel pressured to get all the supplies at once, it is important for you to put together the bag as soon as realistically feasible. After all, you never know when disaster is going to strike.

If you are preparing more than one bag for specific situations, be sure they are clearly identified on the outside with a highly visible marking such as colored straps or luggage tags.

A “shelter in place” kit and a “to go” bag can share items as long as they can be moved from o pandora bracelets ne pace to the other quickly. For example, it makes sense to have three days worth of water in your shelter in place kit but take a day’s worth with you when you leave. However, it is always best to keep things compartmentalized in case you have to shelter in place and then later leave.

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