pandora bracelets How To Make a Grape Bunch Cost

How To Make a Grape Bunch Costume

Costumes are created to help people stand out in them pandora bracelets ed events, celebrations, parties or get together. But ever since costu pandora bracelets mes have become a hit, many businessmen grabbed the opportunity and created eye catching yet expensive costumes. And it caused costume parties to be a meeting of those who can afford to flaunt costumes. This leaves out the true spirit of partying: to have fun.

However, there is a way for you to be part or even the life of costume parties without spending that much. If you are in a budgeting bind, you can always create your costume. And pandora bracelets if you are going down this route to party, you must make an easy to make yet striking costume, like a grape bunch costume. Here are some tips on how make a grape bunch costume.

The word on the grapevine. You do not have to scoot over to the local grapevine to pull this wonderful grape bunch costume off. Spare the delicious and juicy grapes. Instead of grapes, you will need the following: purple knit cap, 100 safety pins, two to three 30 gallon trash bags, purple tights, purple long sleeves, 24 square inch piece of green felt, and a large bag of 15 inch diameter purple balloons. Since it is hard to find grapes as big as you are, the easier and fun way to do this is to make artificial grapes. This will also prevent ants from eating up your costume. When your bunch of equipment is complete, you can now begin making your own grape bunch costume.

Inflatable fun. Since you will not be using actual giant grapes you will have to blow up purple balloons as substitute. Make sure that the balloons are of different sizes to simulate a real grape bunch. Look at images of grape bunches to have a good idea of the size ratio per grape. After blowing up the balloons keep them inside your trash bags.

Go green. After finishing the round grapes, it is time to make leaves for your grape bunch. Get your green felt fabric to use as leaf. Cut the sides of the circle to make it look a leaf for the grape bunch. Then fold the green felt fabric in the middle. Cut the middle portion of the folded green felt fabric. This will serve as the hole where you can insert your head. Make sure that you have a good reference for cutting the edges to get the real leaf feel. Set aside the green felt fabric.

Grapes on. With your grape balloons and green felt fabric leaf is done, put on your tights and long sleeves. Wear pu pandora bracelets rple tights and long sleeves to get the complete feel for the costume. After you have done your tights and long sleeves shirts, pin your balloons into your garments. There should be more balloons on top than in the bottom just like any grape bunch. Be careful when you pin your balloon to your clothes. Be careful not to burst your balloons. When the grapes are attached put on the green felt fabric to add the leaf to your costume.