pandora bracelets How to Make a Grocery Bag Disp

How to Make a Grocery Bag Dispenser

It’s an issue most of us have faced at one time in our lives: what to do with all those plastic grocery bags. Although the bags are handy to have around, and have many different uses, it can be challenging to keep them neat and tidy. Just one shopping trip can produce a mountain of the bags and you’re faced with somehow storing them so that they’re out of the way and reduced to a small area. Of course, they sell grocery bag organizers but you would never buy one. Why would you when you can literally make one in minutes and spend absolutely no money t pandora bracelets o do so? If you have a long sleeve shirt that you no longer wear, and it’s just hanging in your closet, you have what you need to make the plastic bag organizer. Although a long sleeve from a sweatshirt works perfectly you can also use sleeves from other shirts. And even though you can make the bag storage without spending a dime you can also invest a few cents and make it slightly different. Either way, though, you will produce a handy bag organizer that is literally ready pandora bracelets to use in minutes.

Start by cutting the sleeve off of the chosen shirt. Cut it at an angle, following the seam in the shirt, and cutting right beside the seam from the underarm to the shoulder area. You’re done! Well, pandora bracelets almost. You’ll need to decide on how you want to hang the storage sleeve. One way is to simply cut a slit in the back area, at the top, and hang the sleeve on a doorknob. Hang it a different way by cutting a piece of ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half, place the ends of the ribbon at the top of the sleeve, then stitch in place. Since the bags are so lightweight you can also use glue to attach pandora bracelets the small piece of ribbon. Make sure the ribbon, though, is large enough to slip over a doorknob.

If you’d like the sleeve storage to be a little more impressive there are a couple of different things you can do. If you sew, turn the top edge of the sleeve down and hem it. Leave a tiny opening so that you can install a piece of elastic. Pin the end of the elastic piece to a safety pin and slide the elastic through the hem. Pull the two ends of the elastic together and stitch. Now finish sewing the small opening shut. Another way to sew the elastic in is to fold the edge of the sleeve down and position the elastic over it. As you sew the hem you’ll sew the elastic on top of it. Slightly tug the elastic as you sew around the sleeve to cause it to gather. To add a little more class to the sleeve dispenser you can also sew narrow lace or ruffled fabric around the top edge.

If you don’t sew you still have options for creating a more finished look to the storage sleeve. Use fabric glue to create the hem but leave a small opening to install elastic. After the glue has dried completely you can pin the elastic on a safety pin and slide it through the opening. You can use a needle and thread to secure the ends of the elastic or you can even use a staple gun. Glue the open area shut and allow to dry. If you have no elastic you can simply use the glue to hem the sleeve. No matter if you add elastic or not you can attach the folded ribbon, twine or other cord and attach the ends to the sleeve so it will hang on a doorknob.

If you want, you can use fabric glue to attach felt letters or other appliques. Or, just use a paint marker to write “BAGS” down the front of the sleeve. It’s so easy to make the storage sleeve that you can create many so you’ll have one for every occasion. Purchase old sweatshirts at secondhand stores and use them to make Christmas themes, Halloween themes as well as spring, summer, fall and winter themes. If you use fabric glue, though, check the label before purchasing to make sure it can be laundered. To use the dispenser, stuff the bags into the top then pull the out of the bottom of the sleeve.

The finished bag works well for other things, too. For example, make one for the guy of the house’s workshop and he can stuff it with rags. Stuff the sleeve with old cloths and he can simply dispense them from the cuff of the sleeve. It’s a handy thing to have around and will help you save those plastic bags, rags and other items without having to use up a lot of drawers and cabinets.

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