pandora bracelets How to Make a Halloween Goodie

How to Make a Halloween Goodie Bag

My family lovingly (and laughingly!) calls me the goody bag queen. There is not a major holiday that goes by, that I don’t make a goodie bag for. I especially love making goodie bags for the class room and as it turns out, Halloween is my favorite holiday. My main reason for making Halloween goodie bags is to give them out to my children’s classrooms. I like seeing the smiles light up on all the children’s faces and my kids get excited because they know that I made them for everyone.

Halloween goodie bags are also good to give to the kids trick or treating at your house. It’s nice to give them something different, besides the usual one or two pieces of candy.

If you are looking to build a party goodie bags, this article will suggest ten things to put into them. I highly recommend that you buy your goody bags from the .99 Cent Store or Dollar Store as they usually come in a pack of 15 25 for a buck.

Spiders: Around Halloween, you can buy plastic spider rings at places like Wal Mart. The spider rings come in purple, orange, black and yellow all mixed together. They are very affordable if you shop at Wal Mart (50 for a buck). Kids love finding the creepy cool spiders in their Halloween goodie bag.

Pencils: I always include pencils in my Halloween goody bags that are Halloween related. Stores both online and off sell Halloween pencils that have pictures of ghosts, cats, witches or ones that simply say “Happy Halloween.” You pandora bracelets can buy them at Dollar Stores twelve for $1 or you can find them at Wal Mart or the Oriental Trading Company.

Sticky Halloween Characters: Instead of a Sticky HAND, give out sticky Halloween characters. I gave these out in goody bags last year for Halloween and they were a big hit with the kids. They are smaller then regular size sticky hands but at the end of each sticky string is a Halloween character such as a ghost, a pumpkin, a cat, a witch’s hat and a spider. You can buy them from the for $6.99 for 72 pieces.

Stickers: Stickers are a lot of fun to kids because they can stick them wherever they want, on dressers, backpacks, letters, etc. You can buy Halloween themed stickers for your goodie bag from the .99 Cent Store, online and from many other retailers.

Erasers: Many stores around Halloween sell erasers that are in the shape of Halloween items like pumpkins, bats and so on. I usually buy a pack of 12 from the 99 Cent Store but you can also find them at places like Target or various retailers online.

Play Doh: The makers of play doh releases a goody bag of Halloween colored play doh in small containers that fit perfectly inside of a goodie bag. I usually put one in each bag so I will have enough and the kids want to open it up immediately. The play doh comes in colors of green, black, purple, yellow, orange and white. They are sold in a pack of twenty and are usually under ten dollars. You can buy some online Candy: Now Candy is a given in a goody bag. Even if you want to cut back on the candy you give, its fun to leave at least one piece. If you’re afraid of the sugar content, then leave sugar free candy. If you want to skip candy altogether, some stores sell little packets of graham crackers or Halloween shaped pretzels that would fit perfect in your Halloween goody bag.

Bubbles: Image the joy of children’s laughter as they try to pop their bubbles that they’ve blow into the air. Bubbles are always a hit, no matter what holiday I use them for. You can buy Halloween bubbles from the Oriental Trading Co that come in Halloween colors, have Halloween charac pandora bracelets ters or are even in the shapes of pumpkins. They are usually around $6.99 to $9.99. For times I wanted to buy bubbles in my hometown, I bought white bubble bottles from the dollar store and stuck a Halloween sticker on the top to keep in with the theme.

Glow Sticks: Glow sticks are ideal to put into goody bags because not only will they entertain the children at night but they were also help keep the children safe. Glow sticks glow and can be seen by drivers as they kids cross the street as they are trick or treating.

Vampire Teeth: I bought Vampire Teeth from Target last year and it was the children’s favorite thing out of the goody bags. The teeth came in different Halloween colors: green, orange, purple and pandora bracelets black. You don’t have to buy teeth in colors though; they also come in white and in glow in the dark. You can buy them from any store that sells holiday stuff during the Holiday season (store selection will vary).

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