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How to Make a Handbag from a Scarf

Today we’re going to talk about how to turn a scarf into a purse. Now scarves are one of my favorite travel items because they’re so pandora bracelets flexible, they can be a little head wrap and they can be dress up in dress, they can even be a purse. They’re really just, they’re versatile and this is one of the best uses for it. So I can’t promise you this is going to be the world’s best looking purse but it’ll definitely get the job done. So what we’ll first going to do, take your sca pandora bracelets rf, lay it ou pandora bracelets t and go to the corners. We’re going to take each corner and repeat this stop. So take a length of it out and then tie a knot. You’re going to want to tie it about seven, five to seven inches down. So we’re going to continue that to each of the other corners, leave the knot in there. Alright, grab this last one. So when we’re doing this, what we’re basically doing is making upper purse straps. So, a little purse cavity is in there right now. We’re going to take each one of this and tie them to the one next to it, effectively, making you some straps for your purse. This is practically it’s good for, usually there’s really giant scarves. This one is just kind pandora bracelets of, kind of make it’s like a little evening clutch almost. But when we’re all done, there your handles, there’s your purse, quite a bit of room in there and you’ve made a purse out of a scarf.