pandora bracelets How to Make a Homemade Punchin

How to Make a Homemade Punching Bag

A punching bag provides an effective workout for boxers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Hitting a punch bag will condition the muscles of your arms, shoulders, chest and core your abdominal muscles, waist and lower back as well as burn plenty of calories. At $150 plus, a punching bag can be prohibitively expensive but you can make a homemade version for a fraction of the cost. Always wear hand wraps and/or bag gloves when working out with your punching bag to minimize your risk of suffering a hand injury.

Step 1

Tur pandora bracelets n the duffel bag inside out and check all of the seams inspect the seams for weak spots. Reinforce any seams that need strengthening using the sail maker’s thread and needle.
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Step 2

Turn the duffel bag right side out and begin to stuff it with the clothes or rags. Alternate a 4 inch layer of clothes with a 1 inch layer of sawdust. Compress the filling by putting your foot inside the bag and stamping down the stuffing pandora bracelets to pack it as densely as possible. Continu pandora bracelets e filling the bag until you are 12 inches from the top.

Stand the bag on its base and wrap the duct tape horizontally around the bag. Work your way up from base to just below the top in one continuous strip. Make sure that each loop of tape is slightly overlapping the previous one so that no duffel bag material is visible. Repeat this process until you have two to three layers of duct tape on your punch bag.