pandora bracelets How to Make a Jean Diaper Bag

How to Make a Jean Diaper Bag

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysSew the lining and outer shell of the diaper bag. Starting with the lining of the fabric, measure up the lining fabric with the wrong sides shown. Sew the three sides together, leaving the cut out square shapes untouched. Take o pandora bracelets ne of the square shaped corners and pinch the edges of the fabric together. Sew the edges of the corner together until the entry hole is shut. Sew the outer shell of the diaper bag using the same technique, but instead of se pandora bracelets wing one corner of the shell, sew both corners shut.Personalize the bag. You can add a button or velcro onto the bag to prevent baby items from falling out. To attach the b pandora bracelets utton from the jeans, just cut around the button, leaving enough fabric to stick to your bag. Stitch one of the button pieces o pandora bracelets nto the top inner part of your bag, and then stitch the other piece onto the opposite side. To apply velcro, remove the paper from both sides of the back of the velcro, and then apply the velcro to the top center of the bag, placing each piece on opposite sides. Another personalizing option is to stitch your baby’s name onto the front of the bag.