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How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms Low Tech

: How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms (Low Tech) We have been introducing mushroom cultivation as a nutritional supplement and cash crop for the landless poor. The straw length should be approximately 5 10 cm (2 4 inches). During this time the spawn “runs” (mycelium spreads)throughout the straw. As before, allow air to flush through the growing.We have been introducing mushroom cultivation as a nutritional supplement and cash crop for the landless poor. Oyster mushrooms are a high yield, fast growing crop. They are known to help lower cholesterol levels and are a great source of potassium, iron and protein.This instructable gives a low tech, step by step guide to growing both pleurotus ostrea pandora charms tus (winter strain) and pleurotus pulmonarius (summer strain). Oyster mushrooms are highly tolerant of variations in temperature, humidity, light levels and carbon dioxide levels, making it a great choice for first time growers.See related instructable How to Grow Oyster Mushroom Spawn (Low Tech)Oh the bags, sorry.You can use any old bags, clean and reasonably thick to act as spawn bags, but if you want to, you can purchase actually spawn bags online.I was reading of why some people like using spawn bags.”Regardless of the type of mushroom that one wants to grow, spawn bags provide an excellent solution to handle many pounds of substrate in a totally steril pandora charms e environment with relative ease. Spawn bags can be used to colonize either spawn or the final fruiting substrate (which can then be laid in a tray if desired). As a cult pandora charms ivation tool for the colonizing the fruiting substrate, spawn bags greatly simplify the process of bulk growing, reducing the chance of failure and speeding the growing c pandora charms ycle by one or two weeks since the spawning process is bypassed entirely.”Ink caps are of the genus coprinopsis, as opposed to psilocybe. I believe psilocybe cubensis is commonly found in India (not sure if it is found this far west). The ink caps give off a dark brown/black spore print (not hallucinogenic blue or purple :). as they mature over night the gills liquefy (or deliquesce) and become an inky mess. I’m not an expert, so am only guessing that these are ink caps. have a look at the end pictures of step 7 and let me know what you think.