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How to Insulate a Bag

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysInsulating a bag, whether it’s a grocery bag, canvas tote, or nylon duffel, is easy fo pandora charms r those with good basic sewing skills, a sewing machine, and a few other standard sewing tools. Fabric stores stock insulating fabric, and most offer several kinds. For this project, look for a lightweight, flexible insulating fabric that’s water resistant and has a reflective (usually silvery) side. Measure your bag before you go to the store so you’ll know how much insulating fabric you’ll need. It’s usually sold in 54 inch widths, so even 1/2 yard will go a long way.Draw a pattern with the measurements onto the paper, using a black marker. Use a ruler or yardstick as a straight edge, and use the T square to align the top and bottom so that the pattern corners are square. Cut o pandora charms ut the pattern with scissors and hold it against the front face of the bag to make sure it matches the size and shape of the bag front. Trim any areas of the paper p pandora charms > pandora charms attern that don’t match the bag front, or tape on extra lengths of paper if it is too short or narrow. Label the pattern piece and set it aside.