pandora charms How to Irrigate Foley Catheter

How to Irrigate Foley Catheters

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysA Foley catheter is a narrow, flexible tube that is inserted thro pandora charms ugh the urethra to drain urine from the bladder. Catheter irrigation is performed by the patient, a healthcare professional or a trained caregiver for different reasons, such as to clear clots from the catheter tubing or to flush blood from the bladder following a medical procedure. A catheter irrigation tray that includes a solution container and a catheter tip syringe is needed to perform this procedure. Th pandora charms e catheter tip syringe may have a bulb or a plun pandora charms ger on one end. Irrigating a Foley catheter increases the risk of introducing bacteria to the bladder or urethra, so it should only be performed after receiving a physician’s order. The order should contain the frequency of irrigation, type of irrigation solution and amo pandora charms unt of irrigation solution.