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How to Keep a Bear out of Your Tent while Camping

Camping is an adventure that you have to prepare for in advance. Before you set out on a camping trip you s pandora charms hould always check ahead for any hiking and camping restrictions, and find out about any bear activity in the area. Your personal safety also depends on recognizing signs of bears in and around your campsite. Encounters with bears can be dangerous, and you ne pandora charms ed to know how to react to avoid an aggressive confrontation. Bears can walk into camping areas at night to look for food, so in addition to being careful as you hike, it’s important to know how to keep bears out of your tent whil pandora charms e camping [source: Sanders].

Bears are always on the lookout for good things to eat, and will be attracted by the smell of food. Keep your food wrapped up and stored in airtight containers. Never leave food in your tent [source: NPS]. This is important because bears are less likely to appro pandora charms ach a group than to approach an individual [source: Sanders].