pandora jewelry How to Grow and Harvest Mustar

How to Grow and Harvest Mustard Seeds

Did you know that you can harvest mustard seeds off your mustard greens when the greens are allowed to flower and go to seed? You can then use them as a spice in cooking or pickling or dry and grind them into mustard powder to create your own great mustard.

Planting mustard seed is really easy and we plant, grow and harvest organic, chemical free mustard at Home Farm Herbery here in Kentucky and once harvested and dried we sell them at our local farmer market and pandora jewelry on our Local Harvest Home Farm Herbery site.

Just about 3 weeks before the last frost date for your area is the time to plant your mustard seeds. Since you are not going to use the growth as mustard greens there is no need to use a succession planting method. Simply just sow all your seeds at the same time by planting your mustard seeds about 1 inch apart. As soon as they sprout thin the seedlings so they are about 6 inches apart. This is farther apart than the spacing you would do for mustard greens since you want your mustard plants to get larger before they flower. Should you be planting mustard seedlings plant those 6 inches apart also.

Your plants will need pandora jewelry little ca pandora jewelry re once they start to grow and since the plants like cool weather they will bolt (flower) quickly as soon as the weather becomes warmer. This is not what you want them to do because when that happens your plants will produce poor flowers and poor seeds. You must keep them in their normal flowering cycle in order to harvest the best mustard seeds.

Make sure your mustard seed plants get 2 inches of water each week which is usually not a problem in cool weather, but if you do not you will need to give them extra water. There will be no need to fertilize your plants if you have planted them in amended soil, but if you have to add a nutrient, make sure you add a good balanced organic fertilizer to the roots of your plants once the plants are 3 to 4 inches tall.

Depending on the variety of your mustard seed your flowers will be either yellow or white and once the mustar pandora jewelry d flower grows and matures it will form pods.

You will know when to harvest your mustard seed once the pods start to turn brown and the plants start to turn yellow.

Do not leave the pods on the plants too long or the pods will burst open and your seeds will fall to the ground thus ending your harvest.

Gather the pods just before this happens and open the pods gently with your hands to remove the seeds.

I like to put the flower heads in a large paper bag and allow them to finish maturing for about 1 or 2 weeks. When this happens the pods will open on their own and I then give the bag a couple of shakes and the seeds drop out into the bottom of the bags.