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How To Grow Blueberries In Containers

Learning how to grow blueberries in containers is not as hard as you might think, it just takes knowing about a few things that blueberries like and need. Blueberries seem to be happiest in a more temperate climate with warm summers of at least three months long.

It’s important to check your zone number because there are some cold winter climates that are not friendly to blueberries. It will be much harder to grow them in those cold locations and almost impossible to grow them in containers in those places. However, with the right variety choice, some winter prep and some adaptation to how you care for them though you can likely be successful and have a good harvest as well. pandora jewelry If the plant looks good by all other criteria, and it’s just leaning over then the crooked specimen is just fine because you can plant it in your container crooked so that it ends up standing vertically. It will look perfect and not abnormal at all.

Bring your plants home and carefully remove them from their pots. You’ll see very fine “hair” roots in the same shape as the container. You’ll need to tear off the bottom most roots, this tells the plant that it’s no longer in that size pot and will help to stimulate new root growth. Be careful with the main roots as blueberry roots are very sensitive.

Plant them side by side in the large container that you have previously prepared. The soil level should be just up to the base of the crown of the plant. This is where the branches begin and “heart” of the plant is. If this area gets covered by soil you will probably kill your blueberry plant. It won’t die today or tomorrow but it will struggle to thrive and slowly die over a few months.

The tea leaves are the easiest way to help the soil become more acidic, blueberries like to have a pH of about 5.5. You don’t need chemical fertilizers for this, just use the cheapest most basic tea you ca pandora jewelry n find in the store. Tear open a few of the bags and sprinkle the leaves over the soil after you are done planting.

Then each time you water the container or as it rains the the tea will slowly soak down and be absorbed by the plants roots, they like to live in evenly moist but not ov pandora jewelry erly wet or dry soil.

I highly recommend learning how to grow blueberries in containers and adding them to your home food garden.

They are delicious and high in vitamins and other nutrients that contribute to good health. There’s nothing better than having them growing right outside your front o pandora jewelry r back door and being able to eat the chilled dewy berries each morning as you leave the house.

If you prefer raspberries, they are even easier to grow and so delicious in the month or two before the blueberries are plump and sweet.