How to Make a homemade designer

How to Make a homemade designer style handbag

First you must take inventory of all items in order to be able to create your bag. Make sure all labels are in the correct order. Lining should be ready before attempting to begin construction. The stay should be 10in long and 4in wide. Pocket the stays and glue the stays to the outside fabric. Use the notches to line everything up. Take the magnetic snap and attach it to the front and back. Take a knife and cut holes for the magnetic snap. The magnetic snap comes with a washer. Use cardboard to help brace the washer for more stability. Apply rubber cement to the top and pandora bracelets hold the edge over until it holds firm. Do the same to both pieces and let dry. Make a slit for the magnetic snap and make sure you leave enough room so that you can sew. Apply glue all the way around the bag, then let everything dry. Once everything is dry, you will be ready to sew. Turn your flaps all the way around. Use small strokes in order for the material to fall naturally. Ensure both flaps are the same size and prepare to sew. Ensure you practicing safety procedures while handling sharp objects. Sew the two flaps together starting from one side and gradually moving to the extreme side. Notice the vivid detail in the black and white pattern on the material. Try to match up both sides so that they compliment each other.

In this handbag fashion video series, learn how to choose the best handbag from fashion expert and handbag designer Lindsay Colbus. Lindsay will teach you how to choose the best handbag for you and will give you examples of good and bad handbags. She will teach you how to match a handbag to your outfits, how to choose an evening handbag, how to choose a day handbag, how to choose a trendy handbag, how to choose a casual chic handbag, pandora bracelets how to choose a clutch handbag, and how to choose a handbag to go with corduroys or dresses.

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In this Beauty Style video tutorial you will learn how to dress like Jessica Alba. Cate Adair, costume designer and fashion consultant from Cate Adair presents this video. First you got to decide whether you want to dress like Jessica Alba before she was a mom or after she became a mom. What’s wonderful about her is that kind of a quirky almost rock n roll kind of image. Here, accessories are your friend. When you don’t have the time to get the rest of it together with a brand new outfit, mix it together with those earrings, that scarf, the cool handbag and the funky new pair of sandals. You.

Tired of carrying that purse around while you are trying to have a conversation or dance the night away? How about a cute little handbag to swing around while you maintain your social life.

In this video, you learn how to make a silk chiffon handbag inspired by a BluGirl handbag from “Elle Magazine.” Adorned with shiny, soft yellow silk and millions of cloth flowers as well as a chain strap that allows you to hook it to your wrist so you can set it and forget it, this bag is chic and functional.

These are the tools you need:

Seam RipperIs your handbag always a mess? Can you never find anything you need quick enough? Watch this video to help you organize your best accessory! One thing you can do is to get a purseket. It fits inside your bag and is equipped with lots of small pockets. You can then put useful items in the perimeter of your bag in their own slot. The purse kit will also slide out to be moved into another purse and to fit any purse. ANother thing you can do is slide in cardboard bottom or a DVD case that will keep the bottom of your purse sturdy to help find items as well!.

Want to create the look of expensive Hollister designer jeans? Fancy department stores, specialty jean stores and boutiques sell them for outrageous prices. Now you can create them at home with simple supplies, a little practice, careful observation and some “elbow grease”. The creator of this video uses common hardware store supplies to complete the task. With the help of the video host, the right sandpaper and with the right moves, you can create all of the most common styles of Hollister style designs with minimal ease and get good results.

This video tells viewers what casual wardrobe basics they need to purchase. First, you will need to buy 8 plain t shirts. Second, you will need to purchase 4 sweaters and cardigans. Third, you will need to buy 6 bottoms. Bottoms are jeans, pants, shorts, and skirts. You could exchange a pair of pants or a top for a dress. For shoes, we are told to get four pairs of anythi pandora bracelets ng that fits our sty pandora bracelets le. Jackets can be worn with a scarf and are preferred over coats, depending on the weather. At this point you can purchase a lot of accessories. Accessories are extremely important and can change an outfit.

How to Make a Hen House with Recycled Building Materials

Choosing a Design for a Hen House

The support timbers should be 2 3 cm thick, strong enough to support the house but not too heavy when moving the hut. Make sure in the design there is an overhung to angle water away, bituminized felt or Onduline are both used for roof material. Skids or wheels and handles make moving the house easier. A poultry keeper’s door can be a lift up section of the roof to make easier access for cleaning. A solid dropping board and slatted flooring makes for easier cleaning and a rigid metal mesh floor helps to make the house rodent proof. To make slatted flooring using 1 x 1 inch timber and space 1 inch apart and make a frame around edge and place on top of dropping board.

Ventilation without drafts is important. Cover ventilation holes with galvanized wire mesh and make a sliding door to adjust during cold or hot weather. A pop hole of 25 cm wide x 30 cm will be needed to allows the birds to get in and out of the house and can be secured at night to prevent predators from harming the chickens. Make sure to get a fox proof lock. Foxes are clever. Perches are needed as chickens like to sleep up for safety. There needs to be 20 cm of space per bird and the width of the perch needs to be 4 5 cm and rounded for easy grasping the height should be 45 cm and the perch should be removable for cleaning. Nesting boxes should be placed low and be located in the darkest part of the house. There should be one nesting box per every three birds with untreated wood shavings as a liner. Angle the nesting box so it slopes backwards. A door on top of the nesting boxes or to the side makes egg collection easier. Using a closely spaced horizontal wooden frame made of rods of hazel or willow covered in feed or fertilizer bags and h pandora bracelets eld down by wire mesh is a suggestion by John Semour. The inspection door for the nesting boxes can be made by hanging the fertilizer bags and weighing it down with a heavy batten at the bottom. Broad Leys Publishin pandora bracelets g Ltd has plans for how to make a hen house from a single sheet of exterior grade plywood that is suitable for three to four hens. The plans also come with instruction on how to build a run and a house for six to eight hens.

Dimensions and Materials Needed for Single Sheet Hen House

The dimension for the single sheet of plywood of 8 ft x 4 foot 2400 mm x 1200 mm 12 mm exterior plywood. The house measures 2 ft x 2 ft 8 ins (600 mm x 700 mm) internally. Laid out there are 10 cut pieces (front, base, two sides, back (with ventilation holes of 19 mm down 100 mm from top edge, and a cut out ventilation flap with battens attached above and below, make sure door slides in the runner. Use vertical off cut pieces of wood for poultry keeper door and ventilation flap to make it easier to open and shut. Cut and staple ventilator wire to cover flap.) On the front of the house there is a sliding door for pop hole. The pop hole door slides up and down on the inside of the wall, this prevents predators from nosing it open. Attach a cord to the inside of the pop hole door with staples, pass it through a cable clip above the top batten, drill a hole to the side of the ventilator, pass cord through, put a loop on the end and hook around a nail or screw above the ventilator. Allow a 5 mm gap at the side to allow for slight expansion. Cut out side for nesting box and attach three 50 mm hinges at the bottom for door to the nesting box. For the roof use batten around the edge for stability and allow a 100 mm overhang on the sides and at the front of a 190 mm. Cover with roof with roofing paper and attach with roofing screws. The house is raised on (75 mm x 50 mm timber of 800 mm length legs) 25 mm x 50 mm pieces of wood on each side of each leg and connected with wood along base, leaving an open space underneath the front of the house. Cover three sides with chicken wire or mesh. Build a chicken ramp lead up to the pop hole. Put thin strips of wood across the ramp to help the chickens grip onto as they climb up. The run is attached to the house at the front. The hen house should be positioned in a sunny spot with shade and wind protection. Nesting boxes should be lined with untreated wood shavings or sawdust.

Materials needed for Chicken Hut

Exterior grade plywood 12 mm recommended 1 x 2.4 m of 75 mm x 50 mm timber (feet 800 mm) 2 x 25 mm x 38 mm timber (door battens) pandora bracelets 4 x 3.0 lengths of 38 mm x 38 mm treated softwood (battens for side, top and bottom battens of back) 2 x 2.4 m 25 mm x 50 mm softwood (for base, roof) 2 x 3.3 lengths of 12 mm x 50 mm softwood (corner trim for front, back, nest box) Roofing materials Fixtures and Fittings

2 x 380 mm zinc plated t hinges (for poultry keeper door) 3 50 mm zinc plated butt hinges (for nesting box door) 50 mm zinc plated bolts (for attaching house to base) 8 x 1.5 countersink zinc screws (for three battens strips across floor, attaching back) 8 x 1inch zinc plated countersink screws (for battens for ventilator whole, battens to reinforce door) pandora bracelets 6 x 0.75 in zinc plated countersunk screws (for batten on ventilator door) 6 x 0.5 zinc plated countersunk screws (for hinges of door) 8 x 2.5 roundhead zinc screws with plastic caps

Materials Needed for Hen House RunNow that you know how to make a hen house, consider adding on a poultry run so your hens and other chickens can get exercise.

How to Make a Heating Pad With Fragrance

Fragrant heating pads are perfect for soothing mild aches and pains caused by arthritis or sore, overused muscles. Fragrant heating pads offer soothing comfort and aromatherapy benefits depending on the fragrances chosen, from ground cloves to lavender. For an effective therapy that won’t break the budget, a heating pad can be made at home with a few ingredients and supplies. Whether you’re making a fragrant heating pad for yourself or someone you know, the choices are nearly endless when it comes to materials and scents.

Step 1

Select a piece of cloth of your choice. You can use old clothes or mismatched socks lying around the hou pandora bracelets se, or visit your local fabric store. Common fabric choices are flannel, fleece or cotton.

Step 2

Cut two pieces of fabric into roughly 12 inch by 5 inch sections. Make sure to leave about 1/4 to 1/2 inch for a seam all around. Feel free to experiment with sizes and shapes according to your needs or whims. The most common shapes for fragrant heating pads are rectangles, but other shapes may work just as well.

Step 4

Stitch up three sides of the fabric pieces, either using a sewing machine or by hand, and then sew about halfway up the length of the last side. For easier completion of the project, leave one of the short sides of a rectangular shape open rather than leaving half of a long side open.

Step 5

Turn the heating pad right side out, running an iron or fingers over the seam to press out corners.

Step 6

Make a fill pandora bracelets er for the heating pad. Rice is a common filler, but you may also use wheat, oatmeal, small beans like split peas or lentils, as well as seed corn. pandora bracelets Add fragrance of your choice to the mixture. Common fragrances include lavender, rose oil, dried rose petals, pandora bracelets rosemary, sage, cinnamon and crushed mint. Measurements for fragrance are a personal choice according to what smells good to you. When using a mixture of fragrance and filler, blend the mix and place it in a sealed plastic bag for two or three days. Shake the bag once in a while to blend the ingredients.

Step 7

Fill the pad with a filler of your choice, filling to about three quarters full or according to your preference.